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Saturday, November 13, 2004

I learnt a few things on this holiday, mostly fun, but some of them were interesting to learn. It is hard work to be with only one person 24 hours a day, every day without a break. The constant connection is tough to take. It is better when you do decide to go your separate way for a little while and use that time to slip back into your own pace. Does this mean Mac and I shouldn't be together? Nah, it just means that we realise that it is possible to spend too much time in each other's faces and shopping is much more enjoyable when He is not looking longingly at every bar we pass and morosely at every shop I want to enter. I also think that sometimes, men just need to be around other men. It has something to do with their need to switch of their brains and just do nothing, with company.

We actually didn't fight about this. Things got as far as Mac saying that as He is rarely far from pain, I am rarely far from a smack in the mouth and we thought that me going shopping by myself and Mac going to the bar by Himself was a great idea. It made us want to be together again by dinnertime. It didn't happen everyday, just often enough to keep us comfortable. It also meant I didn't have Him frowning over what I brought. (Grins.)

I also learnt that if you are going to tell your boyfriend that you have given a blowjob on your knees on the beach at sunset long before He was a part of your life, be prepared to give a repeat performance. Often. Mac seemed to believe that it was His god given right to receive oral sex during our after dinner walk, just because I was teasing Him about how I had done it, once, with a previous partner. I now know that repeat performances leave the knees rather sore. If you think about it, I was kneeling on a substance that they stick to paper and use to remove layers of wood. My skin is not as tough as wood and comes off easier. On the third night and all subsequent nights I took a shawl with me. When I bitched about it hurting, Mac pointed out that He didn't feel any pain at all and that if it hurt all that bad why did I keep insisting on doing it? I tried to remember insisting. He told me I didn't need to remember it. He would show me how it happened the next night, and the next, and the one after that.

I will admit that sucking on His cock on the beach with His hands in my hair and hearing Him groan my name when He came was rather hot, as was knowing that people could walk into view at any moment. It would have been hard to hide what we were doing. And the sex when we made it back to the room made me forget about the lack of skin on my knees, unless He wanted to fuck me while I was on my knees of course. Then I got to bitch about it some more.

I learnt that when Mac's energy is not being depleted by work, He becomes even more sexually orientated. The sex was plentiful and diverse. There was frantic five-minute, noisy, hungry sex and there was lazy, licking, sucking, kissing, hour-long sex. We made love in the moonlight and made out in the sunshine. We fucked like strangers taking everything we could in a devouring frenzy and we loved like two people desperate to become one. We had clingy, touching, needy sex and we had 'it-is-too-hot-so-fuck-me-but-for-christ-sake-don't-touch-me' sex. Mac called it an all-you-can-eat sexual smorgasbord. I have to agree. It was delicious. I blamed His constant arousal for my constant lust. He blamed my lust for His arousal. Neither of us complained.

I learnt that I need to write. I get emotionally clogged up inside when I am not writing. I ended up writing a lot of things out longhand with a pencil, for some reason I do not feel comfortable with a pen. So I wrote in a notebook, pages and pages of stuff that I felt a need to write. I spilled things that were on my mind and stories that I saw happening and fantasies that followed on from realities. Some of it came out oddly, some of it made no sense at all and some of it may even make it into entries here over the next few days. All of it needs tidying up.

The beach was very beachy, sun and sea and sand. I learnt not to lay in the sun for very long at all, because it burnt very quickly. I didn't over do it. I came back nicely golden brown.

The room was very relaxing and clean. It was so nice not to have to do any of the usual stuff, even if it just meant I didn't have to pull the covers up on the bed. It was made for me every day. Nothing was too much trouble. If either of us wanted anything all we had to do was ask.

The food was plentiful and absolutely gorgeous and I think only the amount of sex we had kept me from gaining pounds. We also went walking each night after dinner to help the food settle. We needed it. We really did over eat, but it was so hard not to keep wanting more.

The shopping was fun. A lovely lady took me away from the touristy areas and showed me where the best shopping could be done. I drank tea with some of the islanders and bought real hand made things, avoiding the mass-produced tourist stuff. It was good to see real people profiting from my business as well as knowing I was getting quality. Some of it I saw them make. My family will all be getting interesting Christmas presents this year.

The bars were modern and full of fun. We met some interesting people and made some interesting friends (more about that to follow in a day or so). There was one night that Mac had me laughing so hard I almost wet my pants and other nights that we just sat around chatting with anyone that felt like having a conversation. It was all just so relaxed.

Today, I am feeling a little blue. I guess it is a post holiday low. We have rugby today and I know it will dispel this down I am on. It really does make the adrenaline pump.

I think I am in for a good day.

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