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Friday, November 12, 2004

I should have been a stewardess. I love flying. I love the thrust of the engines and the power behind take off. I love the up and down of my tummy through turbulence. I love the noises the plane makes. I love the excitement of being so high up. I am like a little child at Christmas time when it comes to getting on a plane, no matter how many times I have done it.

When we fly I spend my time observing the people around me and also the crew as they go past me. I watch them and how they interact with each other, the way the tensions between them exist. If you watch people long enough, they can't really hide the way they feel. I see wives that hate their husbands and sit with smiles pasted on their faces and mothers trying so very hard to be tolerant of children that they just want to tell to shut up. I watch the crew trying so hard to be nice to that obnoxious half drunken man that they really can't stand then turn and flirt with the cute and sexy guy behind the drunken one. I watch the girls compete with each other for his attention.

After a while I make up stories about them as I watch. That husband doesn't have enough time for his pretty wife and she is smiling outwardly at him while thinking of the way her lover licked her lips the last time he held her in his arms. That mother is thinking of nothing more than escaping into a seriously deep and dark fantasy that gets her through the boredom of being husband fucked. She will be racing to the bathroom for relief before long. That stewardess is wondering if the Captain is going to bend her over the table and fuck her ass and call her whore like he did when they last flew this flight together. The other stewardess is thinking that if the Captain choses to fuck that bitch again, she is going to tell the Captain's wife. It is about time he paid her some attention too.

At the beginning of the flight Mac finds my exuberance amusing, but for Him it quickly deteriorates into annoyance because when I get excited, I am really hard to shut up. He likes me to be bubbly. He just likes it more when I bubble quietly so I have learnt to keep my little imaginings to myself.

I guess I have kind of fallen for the movie image of a stewardess with her overactive sex life and a lover in each city just waiting for her to fly in. I like the idea of having a number of Macs each waiting impatiently for me to come and sate the lust that has not been properly taken care of since I was last in town. Somehow though, I don't think it is really like that. It is probably rather lonely to have to spend so many nights away from home. I guess it is not really a job I could do.

Still, a Mac in each city waiting just for me, yeah, I could get used to that.

Oh, by the way, I am back and have many lovely things about the holiday to tell.

But damn it is good to be home.

I woke this morning on my back, legs apart, two fingers sliding slowly and lazily over my clitoris then inside me. From the fluttering of my tummy, the shortness of my breathing and the slipperiness of my juices, I could tell that His hand had been there for a while. I opened my eyes and He was resting on His elbow, looking down at me while His fingers slid in and out. He smiled.

'Good morning.' He said softly.
'What are you doing?' I gasped, my breath already catching in my throat.
'Just feeling around,' He said. 'I love the way your cunt swells and the slippery warm egg white feel of your juices. I love the way you grip my fingers when I push them inside you, like you are trying to make them come. I love touching you and making you gasp. It is very powerful to be able to do this to you.'

Suddenly my orgasm was much more important. I didn't want to just come; I wanted to come for Him. It became an offering, a gift of love and of pleasure. I wanted to tell Him it was for Him but when I looked into His eyes He smiled at me and I could tell He already knew.

My back arched and one hand gripped the bed sheet while the other grasped His hand and pushed it further into my groin. He kept watching me while I called to god and groaned His name and I think I may have sworn. I crossed my legs over our hands, trapping them together, pushing them in tighter until I was spent. I released our hands while I was still trying to find my breath.

'You almost broke my fingers.' He said. It wasn't a complaint. I grinned at Him and He smiled at me and wiped my juices across my cheeks and into my mouth. I sucked at them greedily.

My legs were already parted and raised for Him to climb between and I wrapped them around Him as soon as He did. He almost came before He was inside me, managing to thrust into me just in time to spill.

'That was quick,' I smirked.
'Ha!' He said. 'You forget that you were asleep for most of it.'

He snuggled into my neck and stayed on top of me while His cock quietly throbbed inside me, softening lazily. His breath played gently against my ear as He dozed.


It is good to be home.

I missed you all too.

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