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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Mac is telling the truth. I did lie, or at the very least use poetic license. (Hangs head in shame. Kicks at the floor with my toe.) Mac did not say pussy, He did say cunt. I just thought as I was writing it that it took away some of the sensitivity He was showing. I mean who on earth would say cunt while trying to reach into their girlfriend's heart? The answer of course, is my Male. He pretty much does things His own way. I sometimes forget that you already know what He is like and I forget that He just can't help but be Himself.

So without further ado, here is the conversation we had last night completely unedited and very Mac. (Without any swearing at all!)

We had been talking about how safe I feel sharing deep and dark fantasies with Him and about how much He loves that I do feel safe. Then we climbed into bed together and Mac had just finished kissing me very gently.

'You are quite beautiful.' He said. 'I couldn't imagine a more beautiful creature in my bed.'
'You spoil me, McBroden.' I said.
'No, actually I don't. Many men would give their right arm to be allowed to spoil you a thousand times more than I do. I just let you share yourself with me. That's easy to do.'
'If it is so easy to do, then why do so many men not do it?' I asked.
'Because there is just One for you, if there were more I would not be your One. I would be one of Two or of Three Hundred and Forty.' He paused thoughtfully. 'That would be a mouthful, 'Goodnight my Three Hundred and Fortieth'...'
'You are quite mad sometimes.' I said shaking my head.
'I am not! I just look sideways at things and take things to a logical conclusion.' He nodded.
'Do you take me to a logical conclusion?'
'Ha! There is nothing logical about you.'
'Well I can take You to a logical conclusion.'
'Really?' He asked as I moved down the bed towards His cock.
'Really.' I said.

And I did.

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