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Monday, December 13, 2004

I have just hung up the phone
and I miss You already.
I need to feel You close to me,
as close as we were on the phone.
I am wondering,
do I have to stop masturbating?
I am at a stage where it just feels so good
I don't want to stop.
Is that being too greedy?
I just want to lay back with my hand inside my panties
and just keep touching myself
and surprising myself when I come again.
And then again.
What am I thinking about?
I know You want to know.

I am thinking lazily of Your cock
and how You growled when You wanted to come in my mouth this morning
and how we imagined a guy I couldn't see pulling my cunt to his cock as You were grunting
and I hardly felt him enter me because my Male was coming
and how the other men growled when they saw You come in my mouth
and the semen dribbled from my chin
and how I shone and smiled at You
and how the guy in my cunt thrust into me
over and over
and I sucked at him with my muscles
until he came.

I have to keep stopping typing
so I can touch myself
and lick my fingers.
I don't even know if I am still coming
I just keep touching myself
It feels so good.

Would You suck on my cunt?
Or get a pretty girl to?
She could bring the semen to my mouth and share it with me.
I am full of semen
and I want to taste it
on her tongue
I keep shuddering,
every touch would make me shudder some more.
You have filled me with sex.
Her tongue softly on my clitoris,
her fingers gently probing inside me.
Gentle little lips kissing my pussy,
sucking on my clitoris
while You watch.
Her laying over me,
her tongue softly licking my face,
her pussy pressed against mine
and You fucking us both.
Sliding into me for a few strokes
then into her.
Me kissing her
and loving her
and moaning into her mouth when Your cock was inside me
and having her moan into my mouth when You filled her.
Both of us trying to make You come
I want to lick her juices from Your cock.
I want to try and wriggle my tongue into her cunt alongside Your cock.

I can't stop.
I taste like sex.
Oh God.

Would You fuck me and let her try and slide her tongue into me?
I want to feel her licking me while You fill me.
Your gorgeous cock inside me,
stretching me,
and her tiny tongue flicking at us both.

At a restaurant, talking laughing with Your friends.
Your hand under the table in my lap,
fingers pressing against my clitoris,
leaning against Your shoulder while everyone laughs at someone's joke
and whispering to You
'I am coming now'
and You can feel me softly shudder
and no one knows
but us.
Licking Your fingers
tasting me on them.
I taste so warm and full of sex.
I want You to lick them.
I want Your throat full of the taste of me.
Taste them for me.

I want so much of You filling so much of me.
Can I have Your cock in my ass and my mouth and my cunt?
All at once?
Constantly fucking me?
Your teeth biting my tits,
growling and grunting
and laughing
and loving.
I want it all.
Is that too greedy?
Is it so bad to be such a greedy girl?

I have come so much
My tummy hurts.
I don't think I can manage any more.
But I want just one more.
I promise.
Just one more.
Then I will stop.
Only I think of You
and my fingers sneak inside my panties.
Just one more.
I love You.

I am going to be useless for the rest of the day.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 7:02 am

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