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Monday, December 06, 2004

'Well,' He said, 'are you feeling any better?'
I silently shook my head no.
'I guess that means I am going to have to give you another smack in the mouth.' He sighed.
For hormonal reasons, this stung. 'Oh yeah, when was the last time you had to smack me in the mouth?' I retorted. 'I am too much of a good girl for that.'
'Good girl, yes.' He said. 'But four days of the month you are a right fucking pain.'
'I am a right fucking pain?' I said, tears suddenly springing to my eyes.
'Well,' He said, pulling me into His lap, 'no more than any other nubile girl.' He sighed dramatically. 'You have no idea how hard it is for us men.'
I looked at Him incredulously. 'FOR YOU?' I gasped. 'You should try living IN this body.'
'Well, I spend a good part of each week in it already.' He said and He grinned.

I would have hit Him, only His phone rang and I did not think it would be a good thing for His business associates to hear Him squealing like a girl, so I went and made Him some coffee instead. Ten minutes later when I came back up the stairs with it, I found Him tossing things into His briefcase. I looked at Him in disbelief. He was supposed to have the morning off. He saw my look.

'Sarah, I have to go. It's work. Please try and understand.' He said.
'Do I have a choice?' I asked.
'No,' He said. 'I am sorry, but you don't.'

He kissed me on the cheek and was out the door while I stood in His study with a hot mug of coffee in my hand. I put it down right in the middle of the desk and walked away and left it there. That will teach Him, I thought.

Teach Him what, I have no idea, but right then leaving the coffee on His desk seemed like a good idea. Perhaps I was thinking that if I left it there long enough, it would grow into some sort of giant coffee plant that would rampage through the house, knocking down walls and chasing the cats. It would bind me and leave me helpless in the corner while it destroyed all that we owned just because He didn't stay home for the morning. If only He had drank the coffee before He left.

I guess now I will never know if the coffee monster would have attacked or not because by lunchtime I had realised how pathetic a statement a cold cup of coffee on a desk is and took it downstairs and washed it up. Of course if Mac had found it still sitting on His desk when He got home I have absolutely no doubt He would have completely missed whatever message I had meant for it to imply and taken it downstairs Himself when He wanted a fresh cup.

That was Friday and the weekend continued in pretty much the same fashion. We fought, we made up, we joked around, we made out but we didn't fuck. It wasn't for a lack of desire. We just didn't have the time. Each day has been too rushed to have much time to do anything but kiss His cheek as we ran in different directions out the door. Mac has started working late into the nights again. The Christmas season seems to have hit us with full force.

The fights were nothing major, more irritation and frustration from both of us not getting what we want. He wanted an understanding girl that waited patiently for His work to be over. I wanted His attention and now. When I didn't get what I wanted I threw the phone at the floor. That meant He didn't get what He wanted so He ignored me and my behaviour just got worse. He refused to acknowledge me and it became a cycle, so on and so forth. It only stopped for a while when I bared my breasts and asked Him to bite them for me. He pushed me against the wall and I am still bruised with the markings of His teeth. Of course the respite was short lived. On Saturday it started up again, only not quite so emotional on my part and a little more attentive on His. On Sunday we both were so drained that we just stayed out of each other's way.

I am sure once we get used to the changes that Christmas brings, He and I will find our groove again.

Until then I need to find something less breakable to throw.

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