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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Well, it's Christmas. No matter how prepared I think I am, this season leaves me feeling drained. It is surprising how much energy loving people can take. I think I am about as devoid of Christmas spirit as I can get, but I know come Christmas day, I will celebrate with the people that love me the best and it will be a day that I will remember joyously. I want to make a Christmas wish for you all to bring into the New Year.

There was a day not so long ago when I was given a lollipop. In fact I was given ten. You know the ones, a little star on a really long stick? I saw them in a magazine and mentioned to Mac that I would like a lollipop like that. He came home a few days later holding ten of them in His hand. Something so simple and frivolous that came from a silly little offhand comment that I made. One of those little things about me that I never expected Him to remember. It meant so much to me.

So this year I wish you someone in your life that understands the importance of lollipops. One who wants nothing more than to see you smile. One that will embrace your happiness as their own. Love is not seen in the size of the diamond and cannot be measured in the quality of the gold. It cannot be made heard by the loudest of voices or shown here in the longest of words. It exists in the simplest of moments, when you least expect it. It exists in a handful of lollipops, because He put it there.

I wish that you are all given your own lollipops this year.

Take care of yourself and the people that you love.

Merry Christmas.


Posted by Sarah McBroden at 2:01 pm

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