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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Gosh, I should write something, but I am unsure what to write. The New Year party was excellent fun. I woke up on New Years Eve giggling like mad and giggled my way through the whole day. It was a good way to see out the old year. Mac was not quite sure what to do with me. He kept looking at me with a bemused kind of expression on His face. I think He thought that I had finally gone insane.

When the party started, it took only two blue drinks to make the giggles turn to wickedness and I had my hands on Mac every chance I got. One more drink later I was whispering the dirtiest of secrets in His ear. He ended up ordering me to the bathroom to self relieve the obvious tension I was feeling. I obeyed but it didn't really work. The orgasm I gave myself just made me hungry for more. My whispers to Mac just got dirtier. All He could do was look at me and shake His head. Moments alone were extremely hard to come by and though we took advantage of them, feeling each other up, devouring each other with kisses, panties pushed aside so that fingers could explore, hands groping at zippers, being dropped quickly to the floor when someone came in/walked past.

He bit my lip at midnight and I moaned into His mouth.

Even after the party had wound down, the house was still full of people so the wicked ideas that I put into His head had to wait. He used me to relieve His ache and then ordered me to sleep.

I have given thought to the demands He has been making of me. He has made more in this past week then He had all year. Most of the demands have been sexual in nature and all have been easy to achieve but both of us realise the importance of making sure each one is obeyed. They are not about making Him come or making me come or the pleasure that we each get to feel. It is simply about reassurance, a constant reminder to me that I belong to Him. He really does love the giggling, wicked, secure, little me.

And I do question Him. I push Him to see if He will stand by what He demands, I whine, I cajole, I ask if He is really sure. He ignores me when I do and the order stands. I do as I am told and not because He will punish me if I don't, I know He never would. I do it because it is simply a part of being owned. My submission is voluntary and given to Him freely. I trust Him not to abuse it, therefore I know that when He demands something of me, He has a reason to.

We have barely made it out of the bed in two days. I am dreading Him waking and wanting more.

Ok I lied. I am not dreading it at all.

I think I will go wake Him now.

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