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Thursday, January 27, 2005

He came home a little earlier than expected, much to my delight. While He showered I slipped into the slip of material that passed as clothes and put together the plate of cheese and fruit. He opened the bottle for me. We sat on the couch and discussed the book and His trip while we drank just one glass. Mac decided then that what He really wanted was me. His kisses tasted of champagne. I didn't complain.

He had me on the floor on my back in an instant and His legs were prying mine apart. The clothing was insignificant enough that He just pulled it aside to reveal the body parts He wanted access too. He had the clip and it was on my clitoris before I even fully realised that He had taken it from our bedroom when He had been upstairs. I grabbed at Him, dragging His lips back to mine, suddenly ravenous for Him.

He had not bothered to overdress Himself after the shower and it took just a moment for His boxers to be pushed down far enough for His already hard cock to be freed. He pushed it inside me, filling me immediately.

"Christ," He gasped into my mouth, "it feels so good to be inside of you."
I think I moaned "oh god" in reply.
"My cock feels fucking huge."
I arched my back impossibly and realised He was right. He did feel huge. I felt like He was ripping me apart and I was thrusting up my hips to get Him further inside. The clip was being pushed into me. I thought I might pass out from the pleasure and the pain.
"Oh god." I groaned. "Oh baby. Oh god."
His fingers tangled in my hair and forced me to look Him in the eye.
"Sarah," He growled, "I am going to come deep inside your cunt. It's all I can think about. It's all I want."
I whimpered and forced myself to grind against Him again.
"Christ Sarah, tell me you are ready. Tell me. I can't wait. I have to come. Christ I have to come."
I pushed into Him harder and dug my fingernails into His back.
"YES," I screamed. "OH GOD YES." And I felt the blood rush and I was aware of my cunt sucking at His cock, but most of all I was caught up in the deep burning pleasure that rolled across me in waves. I was desperate for it to stop and I wanted it to go on and on and anchored myself to Mac to make sure I didn't slip away. I wasn't sure I could make it back to Him. He was grunting and growling and losing Himself in His own release and nothing could be more beautiful then watching Him come from somewhere deep inside my orgasm. I could almost feel it exploding from His groin and spilling into me, filling me impossibly with its heat.

He lay against me breathlessly. I played with His hair. I didn't want to move and I didn't want to speak. I just wanted to stay exactly as we were. A long time passed. My back started to ache. I tried not to think about the clip still pressing into my clitoris. I played with His hair some more.

"Gosh it is good to be home." He finally said. I laughed. Mr Understatement strikes again. He moved off me and as soon as He did I reached between my legs and grabbed the clip and threw it across the floor.
"Don't ever come near me with that thing again." I said. It was Mac's turn to laugh.
"It makes you come so damn hard girl. You know you love it."
"No, I hate it." I said.

He pulled me from the floor and sat on the couch pulling me to sit across His lap. He put His hand between my legs and found my still swollen clitoris and made me gasp as I opened wider my legs.

"Point proven." He said and I glared at Him while I poured us both more champagne. He chose to ignore my evil look.

And we drank and we ate the cheeses and the crackers and picked at the fruit and we talked and laughed contentedly for a while. Then He lifted me up off the couch and positioned me over His cock and used my body to make Him come once more. When He was done I lay over Him with my head on His chest and I didn't even think of moving until I heard Him lightly snore. There is not exactly time for sleep built into these quick trips so He is always rather tired when He gets home. I carefully climbed off Him and covered Him with a blanket and cleaned up the glasses and platter and got myself ready for bed.

Then I went and roused Him enough to get Him up the stairs and convinced Him to brush His teeth. He is quite cute when He is not really awake. I led to the bedroom and got Him into bed and got all snuggled down with Him. His arm was across my chest and His hand rested where it so often does, on my breast. I thought He was asleep again but His hand suddenly tightened.

"Where's my clip?" He asked.
I sighed. "It's in Your drawer." I answered honestly. Much to my disgust in myself I had been unable to leave it on the floor. I don't know what I would do if one of the cats found it and decided it would be good to hide or chew. I am never going to like the thing. I hope nothing happens to it. I am powerless against its evil ways.
"Good girl," Mac murmured while patting my breast. Then He promptly fell asleep.

I guess you are all tired of hearing about the magic/evil clip and I guess eventually Mac and I will tire of it too. Then we will find something else that entices such lust in us but until then I am afraid the clip is the thing that works and I dare say it will still make appearances for a while. If I ever come to terms with the love/hate relationship, I know it will lose the power that it has. I have tried to make friends with it, make peace with it, even just have an agreement with it that it and I are equals but every time I even get close, Mac takes it in His hot little hand and makes it evil, wicked and dominating once more.

It's His fault and He knows it. He makes it evil, wicked and dominating. I see it in His evil, wicked, dominating grin. He sees the power it holds over me and He uses it against me in the most evil, wicked, dominating ways.

God it's good.

I hope it is a long time before we get bored.

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