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Monday, January 10, 2005

I have hinted that there have been things in place so that I can feel Mac's ownership of me when He is not with me or in the times where I feel uncomfortable. One of the things we are using is a small clip that can be placed on my clitoris. It has a small amount of pressure to it and if left on too long it can be uncomfortable, but mostly it leaves me with the feeling of my clitoris being full. It is very powerful to have your clitoris constantly throbbing and knowing it is because of His clip. The clip is very much His. I am not allowed to touch it unless He tells me to. I am not allowed to ask for it, it is something He has to choose to give and that gives it a power over me. His power.

Saturday evening I was standing naked in the bathroom, putting on some lip gloss and a little bit of blusher because we were going out to the pub and too much makeup is just trying too hard. Mac was standing behind me watching me in the mirror and I stuck my tongue out at Him and then, just to tease, I put a blush around my nipple.

'For that,' He said calmly, 'you can wear my clip tonight.'

I opened my mouth to protest, I had not worn it outside of the house, but the rush of heat to my groin made me stop before I said anything. I thought it could be wickedly fun.

So I wore the clip and I am not sure I would have noticed it all the time, but Mac barely took His eyes off me all night. The rush of heat was constant until I felt like I was on fire. Mac seemed as conscious as I was of every move I made and as we laughed with friends, the hunger in His eyes grew. To be so obviously lusted by the Man I love was such a turn on that at times when I glanced at Him I would shudder and quickly look away. I felt very alive and very vulnerable, I was ultra aware of everything. Sounds were so loud and smells so intense that I started to feel an overload of sensations and I had to concentrate on Mac and only Mac to be able to get through it all. I was relieved when Mac stood and announced we were going home. I thought He had sensed my discomfort, but I was wrong. It was His own need that He was thinking about.

We stepped out into the cold of the night and I didn't have to think. Mac's hand on my back directed me in the way I needed to go. It was nice to let my mind go blank. He led me around the corner and then around again to the back where our car was parked, across the lane in a little car park. I could see our car when Mac stopped and I knew. There is a dark spot under a set of metal stairs against the back of the pub. It is not a very secret spot as just about everyone knows about it and we had even spotted friends in there in the past and chuckled about them being caught. Mac and I have used the spot before.

I watched Mac, waiting for a sign from Him, unsure of what He wanted me to do. He looked at the car across the laneway and I could almost hear His thoughts. He was thinking that if He got me home He could fuck me for hours before He tired but if He fucked me here it would be hard, fast and intense. It was kind of a quantity versus quality thing. The thought of being fucked here in the open had made the adrenaline again hit my veins. While Mac was still trying to make up His mind, I leaned into Him, slid my hand along His cheek and gently licked His lips. He pushed me back under the stairs against the wall.

We almost devoured each other with the need of our kisses while our fingers scrabbled at each other's coats, pulling them open so that we could tear at each other's clothes. He had my skirt pulled up and my panties down before I could undo the button on His pants. His fingers slid along me and grasped at the clip and my knees buckled at the intense pleasure/pain that caught and gurgled in the base of my throat. He slid past it and pushed three fingers into me with ease. If I had given it thought, I might have been embarrassed at how wet I was but at the time I really didn't care. All I could think of was how full I felt and how much I needed to come. I pushed my head back into the wall and Mac bit at my neck.

'Oh God,' I moaned. 'OHH GODDD' I gripped at the front of His shirt as my knees buckled again. I was aware of the blood rushing through my ears and the intense pleasure in the very pit of my stomach. Before I had finished coming it welled up inside me and I came again. I couldn't think, I couldn't breathe, I could hardly stand up. I relied on Mac and the wall to keep me upright. Mac pulled His fingers from me and started to undo His pants until I got my hands in His way and undid them for Him.

He pushed me back against the wall and I kicked off my panties so I could stand bent back with my legs wide apart. He pushed His cock against me and I groaned at the hardness that I could feel. He forced my hips back against the wall with His hands and lifted me slightly up the wall. I pushed my shoulders back into it to hold me in place while I wrapped my legs around His waist.

He impaled me, forcing me immediately down onto His cock before I had even a moment to draw a breath. He tucked His hands under my thighs and drove me back into the wall with each thrust. It was almost as if He were trying to fuck His way through me, split me open with His body, or drive me through the wall. His clip was trapped between us, grinding against His pubic bone, and I wanted to scream at the sharpness of the pleasure that I felt. I held it in, instead clinging to Him desperately and gasping out 'Oh God' again and again.

It didn't last long. It wasn't supposed to. Fucking in public is about the quick thrill not pleasure drawn out. I was still groaning 'oh god' as His cock started to pulse and throb and His body somehow tightened and slumped at the same time. He grunted as His semen emptied into me, a wild, untamed sort of sound. I used every muscle I could find in my body to milk His cock of all He had to give. Even as He pulled from me my cunt was still clenching at Him. He dropped my legs to the ground.

Without hesitation I slid to my knees and without a word I took His cock into my mouth. He put one hand against the wall above me and leaned into it breathlessly as His other hand stroked the top of my head beneath Him. His cock kept jerking and throbbing as it softened. I wasn't trying to keep Him hard, I just let Him soften in my mouth. He managed to get His breathing somewhat back under His control.

'Good girl,' He crooned to me softly.

I suddenly noticed that it was rather cold and my knees were now hurting from the concrete. I think Mac noticed the cold at the same time and eased my mouth from Him and tucked Himself away. He then helped me to my feet. I clasped my coat around me and shivered. Mac retrieved my panties from the ground and put them in His pocket before wrapping His arm around me and leading me to the car. Walking was now painful not only from the clip but also from the pounding He had given me. He could hear the way my breath would catch with each step. He opened the car door for me and I slipped inside it carefully and still I winced when I sat upon the seat. Mac grasped my chin and made me turn and look at Him.

'Each time I think that you could not possibly get any sexier you go and do something that makes me want you more. Christ, Sarah. You make me crazy about you.' He kissed me, sweetly and gently and then whispered for me to open my legs.

I didn't want to, there was nowhere between them that didn't feel a little bruised, but I did as He asked me to. He carefully put His fingers between my legs and slid His clip from me. Even with the care He took, I held my breath, winced and tried to disappear through the back of the seat before He had it off. I was ever so grateful when it was gone. He slipped it into His shirt pocket then tucked me in and closed the car door. I somehow managed to curl myself up as much as I could with my seatbelt on and Mac drove us home, touching me whenever He did not need both hands on the wheel. We didn't say much, there seemed little point, I was just so comfortable sitting there watching Him.

When we arrived home we went inside and took care of the going to bed things before snuggling up together naked under the quilt.

'You ok?' He asked.
'Yeah,' I said, ' just a little tender between my legs.'
He pulled my chin up so that I was looking in His eyes. 'I am sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you.'
'I know' I whispered and smiled at Him. 'Anyway, if I had been coherent, I probably would have asked You to do it harder, or for more.'
'You know, when you say 'OH GOD' and He did an imitation of me that made me blush, 'you sound almost like you hate it and want it to stop, but you act like stopping is the last thing you want me to do.'
'I do?' I said, trying to think of a way to explain what I don't understand myself.
'Yeah.' He said. 'It drives me crazy.'
'Oh.' I looked at Him. I couldn't tell Him what I was feeling without falling back on the irony that it "hurt so good" and that just felt inadequate. Besides, I had something new filling my brain. 'When I make those noises like I want to stop, does it make it feel better or do you hate it?' I asked. Crazy can be taken two ways after all.
'Are you kidding?' He said. 'It makes me insane with lust for you.'

I grinned and He chuckled at my obvious delight. I kissed Him and He kissed me back and I snuggled down against Him, deliriously in love again.

Sunday turned out to be a very lazy day.

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