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Thursday, January 06, 2005

She came bounding down the stairs the moment He shut the front door and she threw herself into His arms. He took a step back to steady Himself while holding her tightly.

'Hey.' He said. 'I have only been gone a few hours.'
'I know,' she giggled, 'I am just happy to have You home.'

She pulled back far enough so that she could see the smile on His face. He looked at her appreciatively.

'Mmmm little girl, you smell almost good enough to eat.' He suddenly grinned at her and her breath caught at the lust and wildness in His eyes.
'But Sir,' she whispered in her most coy of voices while making her most innocent of faces, 'what if I don't wish to be eaten by one as wicked as you?' She held it as long as she could before the giggles overtook her again. He chuckled.
'Well then little one, if I am not to eat you, what is it you want me to do?'
'Kiss me.' She demanded. 'Kiss me now.'
He looked at her, raising an eyebrow as He did. 'You are lucky that kissing you is one of my favourite ways to pass the time, or all you would be getting is a smack in the teeth.

She giggled again.

Then He kissed her so slowly that it took her a moment to appreciate the depth of the kiss. He took His time, His tongue stealing quietly past her lips. He explored her teeth, the roof of her mouth and wriggled against the pressure of her tongue pushing back against His.

The kiss was so gentle and carefully done that it was a while before she was aware of the other sensations of His body on hers. His hands held securely to her back, His groin pressed hard against hers, His breath warm against her cheek.

He drew her tongue back into His mouth and gently sucked on it with just His lips before releasing it back to her. She found herself blinking Him into focus as He moved just enough away from her to break the kiss.

'Wow,' she said breathlessly. She noticed that He looked rather pleased with Himself and she couldn't help smiling back at Him. 'Do You think I could have another of those, please? She politely asked.
'Yeah,' He said. 'I think I could manage that.'

And this time when He kissed her, His hands cupped her ass and lifted her from the floor. She wrapped her legs around His waist and He carried her to the couch.

'Dinner!' She said as He lay her down.
'What?' He said distractedly pulling her skirt up and her panties down.
'It is almost ready,' she explained while unbuttoning her top.
'Oh good,' He said not hesitating even a second, 'this won't take long and when I am finished with you I will need something to eat.'

I think Him going back to work made us really appreciate the time we spent together last night.

Today I want Him to go to work so that He can come home again.

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