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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Since Christmas a lot of the conversations Mac and I have had seem to begin with the words "When we have children..." Apparently this is something that is on both of our minds. So last night after another discussion about how wonderful we will be as parents, I decided to take the plunge and bring up a new topic for discussion.

'Babe, with all this talk about the children we are going to have, don't You think that perhaps we should think about getting married in the next year or so?' I asked.
'Sarah!' He said. 'Is that a proposal? Because I have to say, I have heard more romantic proposals in my time. What ever happened to getting down on one knee and asking my father for my hand and all that crap?' He was grinning at me.
I rolled my eyes. 'It is NOT a proposal.' I said. 'You know perfectly well that if You want to marry me McBroden, You are the one that will have to propose. And as for asking Your Dad, he would be glad to have You finally married off. I am sure he is scared that You are going to move back home and spoil all the enjoyment he is taking in Your Mum.'
'You are gorgeous.' He said and He kissed me and changed the subject onto food.

And I couldn't help but think He is a typical Man.

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