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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Some of you asked about the clip and it was something that Mac and I played around with a little to get just right. It was actually just a little plastic clip thingy that I found in a one of those discount stores. It belonged to a child's letter writing set. It is small and you press on the back of it to open it. You are supposed to put sheets of paper between the two sides and it will hold it together, but it is actually too weak for that purpose. Paper just slides out. That made it just right for what we wanted it for. Something small I could wear, that would stay on and be uncomfortably noticeable, but would not do permanent damage. It has two long flat edges that sit together so the pressure is not all on one point and the pressure itself is enough to keep it from slipping off without cutting into me. I wish now that I had bought all of the stock. I could have made a fortune selling them. I have been back to the store, looking for them again, but the store was having a sale and they were going cheap and much to my disgust, they have none left and no clue if they will get more stock. They are a store that sells the things that real store consider junk. I wanted a couple spare in case we manage to damage this one. It is not strong and I don't expect it to last.

My suggestion if looking for one would be to look at all the clips you come across and check it for the things I have mentioned above. Also, if it has teeth, it will hurt more. (I spent a few days experimenting and learnt a few lessons, such as things that really hurt on your clitoris make you say really bad words and how it feels on your finger really gives you NO indication whatsoever of how it will feel down there.) Don't bother looking for a good brand clip, they are all made too well, you want one that is cheap and will not do what it is made for. I would check in children's stationary sets. You may have to buy some silly writing paper or a pencil case with it, but if it is anything like mine, it is worth it.

After I had found the one we use now, I actually thought of looking it up on the web. I came across a different type and have no clue if these work or not. Maybe a reader that has used one could leave a comment and let us know. They look interesting, to say the least. I am considering buying one like this or this, again, just in case His clip is misplaced (like I could forget where it is!) or broken.

Also, anyone out there that has used something else please let us know. Mac is looking for something that has a little more oomph to it, but doesn't make me scream too loudly, for when He is away. He likes the way that the touch of pain makes me come so very fast. Each time He does it to me I feel like my body is betraying me. Mac thinks it is the obvious signs of ownership that makes me feel so full of lust. I think He might be right. Still, more oomph? I am rather nervously excited about that. It seems like a good/awful idea.

So any readers that have any clip, clamp, or teaser tips, stories, or ideas please do share.

I am always open to learning more.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 7:41 am

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