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Friday, January 21, 2005

Whew, a pause from sex. Much needed, I think. I need to calm down the tone of things around here.

So we were on the phone, Mac and I, as He is in another country until tonight or tomorrow. We were talking about rugby, discussing whether or not He will be too tired to play. All of a sudden Mac went off on a tangent. It was unexpected to say the least.

'You know, I will never allow a nipple piercing.' He said
'Why not?' I asked confused about why this conversation had taken this turn.
'Because the thought of it makes me cringe.'
'But Your ex had her clitoral hood pierced.'
'So You allowed that.'
'She had it done before we were together and I am not talking about clitoral piercing, am I?'
'But how can a nipple piercing make You cringe if a clitoral piercing doesn't bother You?'
'Well I can tug on a clitoral piercing with my teeth, but I don't think I could tug on a nipple piercing.' He said it in a shrugging kind of way.
'You are weird.'
'I am not weird. I am just telling you. You can go and get your clitoris pierced if you absolutely must but you are not ever to have your nipples pierced, ok?'
'What if I just stick to the piercings that I already have in my ears?'
'Fine.' He said.
'Good.' I said.
'I don't think I will be too tired to play but I might try and get a flight on Friday night.'

It wasn't until we had said goodnight and I had hung up the phone that it dawned on me. Often the motels have 24-hour porn channels in the rooms. It is not unusual for Mac to turn down, but not off, the television while we talk, and chances are someone on screen had a nipple piercing that made Him cringe.

It was strange though to discover I was arguing over being told that I can't have something that I didn't even want, but it also cleared up something that I have always felt a little unsure about. I knew through discussions with His ex while she was still with Mac, that Mac had found her clitoral hood piercing erotic and I sometimes wondered if... well... He wanted me to have it done, but I was always a little afraid to ask in case He said yes. I mean I can understand the erotic appeal of it, but I am little scared of a piece of metal going through my skin down there and of course, I was a little afraid of being compared to the ex. (Lord knows that is something so many of us fear.) So I never asked and Mac never mentioned it and I pushed it to the back of my mind and didn't think about it, hardly at all. But there it was rearing its ugly head the first chance it got. Much to my surprise, Mac wasn't keen on it at all and I felt somewhat relieved without realising I still worried about it.

So I won't be getting any piercings. No more holes for me. Yay!

Now I wonder what He would think of a tattoo...

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