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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I decided to write about the sex we had on Sunday night, simply because I wanted to capture it properly. I want to remember it, so I wrote it out my way. I don't expect you will enjoy it as much as I did, but well, I still hope you do enjoy.

"Sarah?" He whispered.
"Mmm?" she mumbled.
"Tonight I will let you sleep without insisting that you please me first." He said.
She frowned. "Insisting?"
"Yes." He said. "Last night I had to order you to, remember? You said 'I would like to but I am so tired'. I said 'Fuck tired. Please me."
"But what if, well, you know." She said, suddenly not feeling quite as tired as she thought she was.
He frowned. She kissed Him.
"Ok." He said. "Now you have to fuck me."

He didn't mean it of course and she broke up in a fit of giggles. He had no intention of letting her fuck Him. She could not remember the last time He had allowed her control. Sometimes He pretended to allow her to take the lead, but even then He couldn't help but offer guidance, His hands on her hips keeping her at just the right tempo, His words tangling her and tripping her, forcing her to take the path He chose from behind her. She didn't mind. All she wanted to do was please.

He flipped her easily to her tummy. The term 'like a rag doll' came unexpectedly to her mind. She loved it when He treated her like this, a display of her weakness and His strength. She still giggled but now there was an edge to it. The anticipation roughened it, made it sound jagged and forced.

He grabbed her hips and pulled her to her knees while growling at her to 'present' herself to Him. She rested her elbows against the bed so that her head was lower than her ass. She liked the position better that way and more importantly, so did He. If He wanted her head higher later on, she knew He would make use of her hair to pull her into place. She almost wished that He wanted it now.

He leaned towards the side of the bed and finally her laughter caught in her throat. It choked her for just a moment before it shrivelled and died. She wanted to tell Him no, beg Him not to get it out but she had already said no to Him the night before. She knew she would not get away with it. Already the heat was rushing to her groin and to her face. She knew she was blushing. She hung her head, letting the curtain of hair fall around her, grateful that He couldn't see. She knew He would have smiled that wicked evil smile and teased her unmercifully.

He slid His fingers along her pussy and she flushed even deeper at the moisture that had somehow appeared there. She had not expected to be so wet. He found her clitoris and ran His fingers over it, feeling it all over, checking it for swelling and heat. She held her breath and wished that He would hurry up, wished that it were on her, dreading the moment that it would be. Her head sank lower between her arms. She pushed her pussy back into Him. He chucked wickedly.

"Horny little bitch." He said. "Spread yourself for me."
"No" she whispered. "Please don't."
"Don't what?"
"Don't make me do it. Please?"
"Don't make me do it please Sir." He growled.
"Yes." She said. "Don't make me do it please Sir?"
"Do it now girl. Spread yourself for me."

She forced herself to lean on one elbow as she reached down between her legs with her other hand. Her eyes were brimming with silent tears. She didn't want to do it. She didn't want to play a part in the delicious torture that was about to come. She just wanted it done to her but He knew how much more powerful it was to make her participate. Her fingers slid along her swollen pussy lips and she gasped at how sensitive she had become. She closed her eyes, held her breath, and opened herself for Him.

The pressure, tremendous, amazing, her breath hissed out between her teeth. Her blood pounded, thundered through her clitoris, thumping so loudly that her stomach clenched involuntarily with each throb. It was His fault. She wanted to curse Him. She wanted to scream His name. She would have stood before the world and pointed to Him and told everyone that it was He that made her feel this way. Without Him it was just a stupid clip.

"Good girl," He murmured as He listened to her breath escape her in a grunt that timed itself perfectly to the beating of her heart. "My good little slut. Now I want You to tighten your cunt on my cock."

He pulled her hair up and back and she scurried to her hands to comply. His other hand directed His cock inside her and she squeezed her muscles as tight as she could, trying to suck Him in. He groaned. She relaxed then squeezed again. He let go of her hair and grabbed her hips and forced Himself as deep inside her as He could. She grunted and squirmed back on Him.

He wrapped His arm around her waist and let His fingers find the clip. She gasped as He brushed across it. Her cunt tightened without her control. He grasped it and pulled. Every part of her body silently screamed. It hurt so unbelievably good that she thought she might faint. He gripped it tighter and pulled it harder.

"Oh fuck." She said breathlessly.

And His cock moved smoothly in and out of her, not stopping as His clip forced her cunt to contract. He fucked her through the pain, sending her mind into overload. She wanted it to stop, needed Him to let her body calm. It was too much, way too much. She couldn't take it. It had to stop. He had to stop now.

"More." She hissed. "Harder, oh god. Fuck me harder. Please Sir. Pull it. Harder. Oh god, please."
"Greedy little slut." He hissed back at her and He gave her what she asked for, all the things she didn't want and couldn't handle. He gave her what she needed.

He was grunting with each thrust and she heard Him becoming less human, more animal, regressing back into a state of pure pleasure and she wanted desperately to go there with Him. She tried to tell Him, tried to ask if she could come too but all she could do was whimper as He slammed His body into hers.

Suddenly He ripped the clip from her and let it fall. She sobbed. Her hands clutched frantically at the sheets, trying to find something solid to cling to, something other than the pain to focus on. His fingers rubbed furiously across her aching clitoris and she sobbed deliriously as she came. He thrust into her harder and she felt Him start to spill. His growl touched somewhere deep inside her and she felt her heart burst. Her Male. Her Man. She pleased Him. Again.

He pulled her down onto the bed beside Him and wrapped His arm around her chest. His leg was thrown across hers possessively. She felt very protected very owned. He whispered gently in her ear.

"My good girl. My sweet little Sarah slut. You are always so contented when your pussy is full of my semen. My gorgeous girl. You love it. You love taking care of my pleasure. Such a delicious girl. My beautiful girl. You belong to me. I wont let anyone hurt you. My baby. My girl."

She relaxed letting His murmurs follow her into her sleep. She knew that He wasn't going to let her go.

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