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Friday, February 04, 2005

Last night we were lying in bed together talking and Mac made it quite clear to me that He was not going to have sex with me. The poor man has been suffering through at least two orgasms a day since Monday (ok one of those days it was four, but I didn't force Him too!) and He decided that even Welsh rugby players need to take a break every now and then. Of course we had already had sex in the early evening when He had gotten home from work. He was limiting Himself to one orgasm. I understood. It must be so difficult to go through all that pleasure just for me.

But I didn't start it. He did. He said He was just teasing me, His fingers in my pussy sliding over the semen He had left in me earlier while He talked about how He wanted me to think of our sex the next time we are out somewhere serious. He wants me to think of Him spitting on my tits and smearing it around with His cock while we are out to dinner with His clients or His bosses and their wives. He wants me to imagine Him offering me His sticky spit and come soaked balls for me to lick. He told me I should think of how His cock feels against my face as I lick Him and how I would moan and try and get my tongue behind His balls. He said that I should think of how He would kneel astride my face and masturbate until His semen fell hot and thick against my cheeks and tongue. Then He told me to think about what those people would think if they knew what was almost making me moan aloud while I stood with them.

And while He told me these things that He wants me to think about next time we are out, His fingers kept slipping and sliding over my clitoris, between my folds and into the depths of me and yet He was surprised when I came.

"Gosh," He said, "I wasn't expecting that. I was just teasing you, hoping that sometime you would think of it when we are out and it would make you blush."
"Well," I said somewhat uncomfortably "I am sure I will. It was just the thought of all those people and what they would think of me if they knew I was such a dirty girl."

I wanted to apologise for the orgasm I had. I felt as though I had let Him down by coming when He hadn't meant to make me come. I felt like I was being selfish, taking care of myself when I knew He didn't want to have sex. But I am not allowed to apologise for my orgasms. I am not supposed to feel sorry for expressing my sexuality with Him at any time. He encourages it, always wants to know the things that turn me on and He loves it when I come, even if it surprises Him. It is erotic for Him. But to me, it felt odd. I told Him so.

He pressed His erection against my thigh. "It's ok," He said, "we can make it feel right."
"But You don't want to have sex." I was giggling. I couldn't help it. I love it when I accidentally turn Him on so much that He needs to come. It made me feel content.
"Gosh babe. You are beautiful. You stun me and take my breath away sometimes." He whispered to me as He climbed over me.
"I didn't know that I ever stunned You." The giggling was gone and I tried desperately to swallow the huge lump that had suddenly appeared in the back of my throat.
"Yeah," He said, "when you are happy, soft, warm and giggly, sometimes you stop my heart. And you have no idea."

I held His face and kissed Him because words just failed me. There was nothing I could say to that. It was just perfect like it was and had to be left alone. His cock was pressing against my belly and I could feel His balls on my pussy.

"Help me, Sarah." He said and I knew what He meant. I brought my legs up and opened them as wide as I could. Reaching between us I managed to gently press His balls into my pussy, massaging them into me, covering them with my juices and the come He had left there earlier.

It felt strange, soft and gentle, sexual, sensual, I was full of love for the Man that had just told me I stop His heart and I was still close to the orgasm I had just had. It didn't take long before I was coming again.

I could hear Mac grunting. I think now that it was both from the effort He was putting into having His balls pressed against me and the fact that we were both ignoring His very hard cock. He pulled Himself up and let His spit dribble onto my tits. I pressed them together for Him. He moaned. I smiled. He knelt over me, trapping my arms between His legs and He brought His balls to my tits and rubbed them through His spit until both His balls and my tits were a mess of spit and semen and my come.

I became desperate for His pleasure. I started to beg for it, pleading with Him to come on my face. I wanted to be filled with His orgasm. I wanted to feel it, see it, hear it, smell it and taste it. I wanted it to invade all my senses at once, leave nothing untouched. I squirmed my hands onto His ass and tried to force Him up closer to my face.

He moved forward so that His balls were over my lips and I licked at them greedily, lifting my head and trying to suck them into my mouth. He groaned. His hand was stroking His cock. My fingernails were digging into His ass. His other hand was in my hair. I was still begging between licks. Mac's grunts turned to growls and He pulled back so that I could see His cock forcing out the semen onto my face. It landed hot against my cheeks and I reached for it with my tongue, trying to make it land in my mouth. His body was shaking with the effort and I was almost crying with the joy of it. He pushed His cock into my mouth to let me tease the last of it from Him and I gurgled and swallowed and tried to breathe around Him. And I rejoiced in it, revelled in being the reason He came, in being a girl, in being His girl. God. Why would I ever want to be anything else?

Then it hit me, like a huge gust of wind that pushes into your whole body all at once. It knocked into me in full force. This Man, this wonderful beautiful Male over me is my Forever One. There are no others. There never will be. No matter what happens I will never be this way with anyone else because I am only this girl with Him. I only want to be this girl with Him. No one else will ever be allowed this deep inside me. No one will ever be allowed to know this Sarah. His Sarah. His. I know I have said it before and I know I have felt it before, but it was never like this, it has never gotten so deep inside me. Poor Mac. He is never going to be able to get rid of me because I am going to make His life so passionate and complete and full of love that He will never want to. He is stuck with me and whether He knows it or not, He is going to love every moment of being in love with me, even the times I frustrate Him the most.

"God" He said as He slid down my body so He could kiss my lips and lick away my tears, "You are such a gorgeous creature."

I held His face and licked at a tiny little bit of semen that had somehow found it's way to His chin. I was gurgling with happiness at Him.

"I love how you love our sex." He said and I smiled because He had no idea where my thoughts had been. He cleaned my face, licking the semen from me with His tongue and bringing it to my lips for me to suck on. He made sure I had it all. "It doesn't feel so odd now, does it?" He asked.
"No Babe," I answered, "it doesn't feel odd at all. I love You. In fact, 'I love you' seems pretty inadequate for what I feel for You, but it is the best I have right now." I smiled at Him. He was looking into my eyes with such intensity that I found it hard to breathe. I thought that I felt His body grow heavier, but maybe that was just because I wanted Him to be able to feel what I felt.
"You don't have to say it," He whispered. "I feel it, Baby." He touched my cheek. "Whatever it is, I feel it too."

He kissed me slowly and deeply and He didn't move off me until we were both almost asleep.

Poor Mac. He doesn't have a hope in hell.

I am going to make His life beautiful.

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