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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Mac and I were sitting in His study. Mac was on the chair and I was on His lap. We were kissing because kissing is a nice thing to do. Actually it is one of my favourite things to do. Suddenly I pulled away from Him.

"What do I taste like?" I asked.
"Coconut and syrup. And chocolate." He said. (I had just eaten a tiny Bounty Bar.)
"Yes now I do, but what do I usually taste like?"
"Oh. You. You taste like you."
"Really?" I asked.
"I could clutch some scents and taste from the air, but you just taste like you."
I smiled. "It was a very girl question, wasn't it?"
Mac nodded. "And a very Roger answer," He said. (Roger stands for something stereotypically male around here.)
"You answered lovely." I said.
"I answered true."
"Want more?"
"Yeah," He said. "You could never kiss me too much."

And of all the kisses I have had, soft kisses, hard kisses, sloppy kisses, invading kisses with too much tongue, hesitant kisses, kisses that left me wondering why people kissed at all, confident kisses, thrusting kisses, raping kisses, kisses that made my toes curl and my legs go weak, long kisses, slow kisses, deep kisses, kisses that left me feeling beautiful, perfect kisses, bad kisses and all the ones between, of all those kisses, I love Mac's kisses the best. But that could be because I love Mac the best.

Or maybe it is just because He genuinely likes to kiss. He doesn't just want them as a prelude to sex, or only during the post-coital glow, they are not just there for goodbyes and hellos. He wants to kiss for kissing sake. He sees it as an intimate and sensual act all on it's own.

We kiss a lot. At least, we kiss a lot more than I ever see any of my friends do. Maybe they save all their kissing up for when no one else is around. We don't. We kiss no matter where we are. Mac and I are that couple that kiss while waiting at traffic lights in the car or while sitting at the bar. We kiss on the train, walking down the street, and in restaurants. We kiss while discussing politics and when we watch television. There are even times I am allowed to kiss Him while the rugby is on. Sometimes it will be just a little kiss on the top of my head or a peck on His cheek. Sometimes it is lips and tongue and teeth. It doesn't matter how we do it, or why, or when. It always makes me feel so close to Him.

And He says that I taste like me and that He wants to be kissed more because He can't get enough of the kisses that I give.


Just how wonderful is that?

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