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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Mac came to bed late. He has been coming to bed late most nights. It was a problem for us, but some frank and honest discussion a couple of days back put it into perspective for the both of us. There is no point in us being cold and aloof with each other when all we both really want is to be able to love each other the best that we can in the time that we have. He wanted to be with me while I was sick but work has been so busy that He has hardly had the time to sleep. I wanted to be there for Him while He was working so hard, but I was worried that I would be a burden to Him as sick as I was. I wouldn't let Him near me, not as punishment, but because I didn't want to be another problem for Him. When we talked it over I stopped pushing Him away. I need to love Him as much as I need Him to love me. It is easier when we don't have to fight what we really feel.

I was already in bed and almost asleep. He pressed His body against mine.

"Mmmm" He murmured. "You are toasty warm."

I smiled sleepily and pulled Him closer still. I wanted a goodnight kiss or two. Mac complied and when Mac kisses you, you well and truly know you have been kissed. God how I adore His lips.

"How was Your meeting?" I asked when I had caught my breath.
"Acrimonious." He said.
"Acrimonious?" I thought it was a strange way to describe a meeting.
"Shouting." He shrugged.
"People shout in your meetings?"
"No!" He said indignantly. "I shout. People wouldn't DARE shout at me. The very idea!" I smiled at His haughtiness and snuggled into Him sensuously.
"I wouldn't shout at You." I said softly.
"I know you wouldn't." He smiled.
"And if You shouted at me, I would cry." I told Him honestly.
"I know that too, baby. That is why I so rarely do. And that is why I would rip the arms off anyone else that shouted at you."
"Thank you." I whispered and gently kissed His cheek.
"You know, even when I was in the meeting today, I was thinking about you and loving you very gently. Could you feel it?" He asked.

I suddenly felt the need for more than goodnight kisses. I reached between our bodies and delicately touched His cock. It wasn't hard. I looked at Him to see if it was ok. He smiled at me and ran a finger down my cheek. Then He kissed me. My tongue snaked into His mouth and quietly He growled. It thrilled me. I did it again and again. I could feel Him growing hard in my careful hands. I jerked Him softly while we kissed some more and with more growling He encouraged the wriggling of my tongue. Then He pulled His mouth away from me. He held my face in His hands.

"Sarah. Oh god. Sarah. I love you, baby."

I knew that He was about to come. He was still close enough for me to slowly lick His lips. His cock pulsed and spurted over my tummy and pussy. I took great delight in making Him come for me. It felt like forever since He had. I kissed Him even more gently as I made sure He was finished properly. He slumped into the bed and I smiled at Him triumphantly.

"Look at you,' He said, "so pleased with yourself. You are like the cat that got the cream."

I giggled at the thought of the semen on my belly and He grinned at me.

"I love You." I said very matter of fact-ly.
"I know." He said, matching my tone.

We both smiled again then I closed my eyes and snuggled down into His chest and fell asleep.

It is so awfully nice to be this much in love.

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