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Monday, February 28, 2005

Saturday morning I woke to find Mac watching me. I don't know how long He had been awake for, but He still looked rather sleepy. I told Him He was gorgeous and He smiled. Then He frowned at me.

"What's wrong?" I asked.
"Your mother will be here soon, closely followed by my mother I expect. Then neither of us will be allowed near the kitchen all day and I am starving." He said.
I laughed. "Would You like me to make You breakfast before they get here?"
"Mmmm, yes please." He said. "Bacon, eggs, sausages, toast, cheese, the works!" He was so excited by the thought of all that food that I couldn't help giggling at Him.
"Ok, I will cook You a huge breakfast." I made a move to get up but Mac's hand on my tummy held me back.
"Before you do, do you think we could...?" His voice trailed off. It had been a while since we made love. The virus I had suffered from had mostly settled in my lungs and any physical exertion left me breathless and not in a good way. But god, I missed having Him inside me, I missed His body, I missed His wicked mind. Sleeping next to Him while we can't have sex is like going to bed hungry and sleeping next to steak.

"Yeah," I said, "I really think we can."

He grinned at me and took something from His bedside drawer. I knew it was the clip but for once, I didn't complain. I just opened my legs and let Him put it on me. He knelt between my legs then lay over me, His body pressed the clip into me and I gasped. He smiled. I couldn't help it, I had to reach out and touch Him. I stroked His cheek. He kissed my hand then He was inside me and I was gasping again. He held His weight on His elbows so that there was no pressure on my chest. I wrapped my legs around His waist to pull Him tighter into me. He moved smoothly inside of me, an easy in and out. I could feel a storm start to build in my stomach.

"I love You." I whispered up at Him. I couldn't take my eyes of His gorgeous face.
"Sarah" He groaned. "My beautiful Sarah." And His voice was so strained with pleasure and it was so wonderful that I couldn't hold back. I clung to Him, pushing my hips up to His, gasping His name as my body shuddered. He came too. He grimaced, pushing His cock further and further inside me as it spurted.

Then He was finished and He slid from me and rolled to lie beside me. He couldn't stay on me like He normally would. He held my hand though and we both laid there grinning. It was a good way to start the day.

We didn't stay in bed long. We knew we didn't have much time. People would be arriving soon, just dropping by to say congratulations and get a peek at the ring, of course. Mac wanted breakfast so I threw on my robe and went to the kitchen to make it for Him while He jumped into a shower. I would shower after we ate. At least that was the plan. I had only just gotten the bacon out when I heard the door. I frowned then blushed, realising that I smelt of sex, but I couldn't pretend we were not home.

It was my mother and she took one look at me and asked if I was feeling all right. I apparently looked a little flushed. Maybe I needed to lie down for a bit. She was here now and she would take care of everything. She had her arms loaded with cake tins and shopping bags full of ingredients. She wasn't sure what I had in the kitchen so she had just brought everything she thought she needed.

"Oh," I said.
"What's wrong?" mum asked.
"It's just that Mac wanted a cooked breakfast. I was just about to make it."
She looked at her watch and gave me an exasperated look. "Well, we hardly have time, but I suppose Mac can have breakfast. I will cook it dear. You go and shower."
"He wants eggs and bacon and sausages and cheese and toast." I said in the tiniest of voices. I was well aware that I had been dismissed but I had to make sure mum knew Mac wanted a real breakfast.
"I know how to make a man breakfast," she said frowning. She was in an all business no nonsense mood. I decided not to press my luck.

I went upstairs and into the bathroom. Mac was still in the shower but He heard me come in.

"What's up?" He asked.
"Mum's here and she is giving orders." I said. Mac sighed. "It's ok," I quickly added. "She is going to make You breakfast before she starts making other stuff."
"Oh good." He said. I giggled. "What?" He asked.
"The whole time I was talking to her, all I could think about was how much I smell like Your semen."
Mac laughed too. Then He opened the shower door and looked at me with a wicked grin on His face. "Come here." He said.

I took off my robe, knowing what He was thinking and not really believing He would go through with it. He pulled me into the shower with Him and shut the door. He pressed His wet body against mine and I smiled at Him. He smelt all clean and fresh yet I could still smell Him beneath the soap, that yummy Mac smell. He managed to sandwich me between Himself and the shower wall. We kissed a few times. It was getting very hot.

"Mac," I said, a little uncomfortably, "my mother is downstairs."
"I know." He said. "That's what makes this so delicious, fucking you here while your mum is cooking me breakfast." He smiled evilly. He is a bad bad man.
"Babe, I don't know if I can, my lungs." I said, already hooking one leg over His hip.
"I wont hurt you Sarah. I would never hurt you. Trust me baby. Trust me."

And I did trust Him and He didn't hurt me. He held me carefully and pushed Himself inside me and He made me come and He came inside me again and my mother was cooking bacon downstairs. He left me to finish showering and by the time I was dressed and made it downstairs, Mac was already tucking into His breakfast. Mum had put aside a much smaller plate for me. My mother is constantly worried about everyone's weight. According to her all women are fat and must watch what they eat. I pulled a face at Mac and stole a piece of His bacon while she wasn't looking. Mac didn't say anything but I got a look. I giggled at Him again. My mother asked what I was laughing at.

"She is always this happy when she is getting lots of sex." Mac said. I froze and I felt the blush spread across my face. Mac was grinning at me and at my mum. She rolled her eyes.

"All you men ever think about is sex!" she said and turned back to the washing up. Mac kept grinning at me until I tried to steal another bit of bacon. He slapped my hand away. I laughed and then turned to see mum watching us and smiling.

"What?" I said.
"You two just seem so happy." She said. Then she started crying. I jumped up from the table and threw my arms around her and hugged her.
"I love you, Mum." I said. I always think I don't tell her that enough. She really does so much for me. She is always there when I need her and although we get on each other's nerves when we spend too much time together, she is one of my best friends. My mother and my sister are the two women in my life I never want to be without. I started crying too.
"Shhhhh, don't cry." she said while a tear still trickled down her cheek. "My baby is getting married and I am just so happy for you."
"I am happy too." I said grabbing some tissues to wipe my eyes.
"Girls!" Mac said as He put His plate over on the sink. "I think I should go chop down a tree or dig a ditch before I grow a uterus listening to you two carry on!"

Mum flicked a dishtowel at Him and I shook my head and He kissed me on the forehead before bounding up the stairs to try and get some work done before people arrived. Mum shooed me out of the kitchen as well, although I did try to help. It wasn't long before Mac's mum arrived and I didn't bother trying to get into the kitchen after that. Nor did anyone else. No one I know is silly enough to try and take on two mothers in a kitchen.

We had a wonderful time. Every man and his dog came to offer us congratulations and share in our happiness and love, friends and family alike. My mother and Mac's mother made sure there were cakes, sweets, sandwiches and a constant supply of tea and coffee. I had nothing to do except show off the ring and accept kisses from everyone. I loved it, every second of it. It was just wonderful to feel so much love and affection in our house. Everyone was excited for us. Even my normally quiet father was telling everyone about all the things he would need to give the bride away, new suit, new shoes, a haircut and of course a speech. He has done this once before, but it was a while ago. He was quite happy to grumble about doing it again.

In fact he, Mac's father and Mac had a wonderful time grumbling together about the suits they would all be expected to wear and the speeches they would be expected to give and the relatives they would have to be nice too, but no one was fooled. They were all relishing both getting to do it all and getting to whine about it too, a double bonus. Plus those three are never nice to anyone they don't want to be nice to, relation or not. There was much eye rolling from my mum, Mac's mum and me. The men ignored us of course.

They escaped to the back room where Mac has a dartboard and a small bar as soon as they could. Mac would come out when someone new arrived and be congratulated and kissed and then He would steal the husband or boyfriend away and leave the girls to talk.

It was late evening by the time everyone had finally left and I was so exhausted all I wanted to do was sleep. Then on Sunday we did it all again. (Except for the sex in the shower. It just would have been crass to have sex with my mother in the house two days in a row.)

Now it is Monday and as much as I have loved being surrounded by family and friends, I am glad that I have some time to myself. I can just relax for a while. I don't expect it to last long. My sister has already made dress-shopping plans and I have a feeling she might come by today with some magazines, 'just to give me an idea of what's available' like she hasn't already made up her mind about the style I should wear. I am not sure if I am just going to ask her what she thinks is best, or if I should pick out something awful and tease her for a while. I am in a mood to have some fun I think. I plan on enjoying this as much as I can.

I have a feeling it gets stressful before the end.

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