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Monday, February 14, 2005

This post comes with a warning. This is a work of fiction by me about dark, wicked and evil things. Please don't read if you feel you may be upset by rape and violence towards women.

It was dark, but that was nothing unusual here, she felt like it had been years since she had seen the sun. She knew in reality it must only be days. No matter what it felt like, she had not been his prisoner for very long.

Her fear kept her in the darkness. He seemed to leave her mostly alone while she was there. There was running water and an alcove to relieve herself and sometimes when she woke she found food left beside her. It always scared her more that he had been there. She had to force herself to keep a few bites down.

Sometimes she wondered what had happened to her companion, a pretty girl from the village that she had been walking with, but that brought back the memory of the screams and the growls and the ever ominous silence that had filled the caves since then. She tried to think on other things, but it always led her back to the hopelessness she felt now. She knew that soon she would have to escape.

He stood there in the darkness watching her. Although there was no light he had no trouble seeing. She was beautiful this one, but then weren't they all? Wasn't it beauty that he craved? The other, the girl that he had taken first, she had been so gorgeous and deliciously sweet that she had sated him for days, but he knew that already he was back in heat, the hunger gnawing at his groin. Having this one as a captive didn't help.

But his need was not just for the taking. If it were he would have taken her by now. What he needed was to punish, to feel the rage. He wanted her to do something to anger him, something wrong, so that he could make her pay. He could be patient when he wanted to be, watching, brooding silently. Soon she would make a mistake. All of them had. Eventually.

Sometimes she heard him in the outer caves. His bulk was huge, but usually it was more of a shift of his presence that she felt. He was sneaky and silent and strong. He had managed to creep up on the girls as they happily walked along the path. Neither had felt anything was wrong. Then he had grabbed both of them, simply picking them up and tucking one under each arm. He had carried them back to his lair with hardly any effort at all. They had kicked and they had screamed and they had flailed about in his arms, but he had held them as if they were no more than dolls. He had brought them both back into the darkness but only left her there, the other girl he had taken straight away. Then the screams. No. She would not go through remembering that again.

She forced herself to listen now. She hoped that she would hear him if he was in the caves. There must be times when he went out to hunt. She knew he couldn't store the food here and the meat that he had brought to her was fresh. He also had to sleep. Nothing lived that did not need to rest. She wondered if she would sense him if he was not awake. She wondered if she could really sense him at all. Perhaps it was just the darkness playing tricks.

But she couldn't stand it any longer. The darkness had grown so heavy and she had been waiting for so long for the death she knew must come. Surely he didn't keep her there just so he could bring her things to eat. She did not think that he wanted her for a pet. For whatever reason he was keeping her alive for now and she had no idea how long that would last. This was the only chance she had. She stood and started creeping around the wall.

He saw her stand and his heart took on a wilder tune. He tried to not get too excited. She had moved herself about before. She was inquisitive this one, she had felt about the walls and knew where everything was. Others had just sat and whimpered into the darkness, soiling themselves where he had placed them until he forced them to get up and run away so he could chase. He would not need to force her. That was good.

He watched her come nearer to where the opening was. To her it was just another piece of darkness, maybe just a darker shade of black. She had no idea where she was going and he could taste the fear in her scent. It was intoxicating to him. He almost wanted to reach out with his tongue and lick her skin. He could do it, he knew that he could, but he made himself wait. The anticipation was just so sweet. He let her pass him by into the opening. She would find her way out from here.

She stood just for a moment. Leaving the darkness was so hard. It had not felt safe, but it was known. She had no clue about what lay ahead. She felt the tiniest breath of air and shivered in fear, certain all at once that he was there. But the air was sweet, fresh and inviting. It must be from the outside. It could not be all that far away.

She tried to move quicker now, keeping one hand on the wall to stop herself from losing her way. At first she didn't notice that the air was getting lighter, but soon she could look to her side and see her fingertips directing her way. Then she could see her feet. She was able to move into the middle of the tunnel where the path had been cleared.

And the thought came to her to run, fast and hard. She didn't know why but the urge was overpowering. She could not see him but she knew that if he was there she had no hope of fighting him. She had to run away. It was her only choice. The way out was up ahead, she could smell it and she knew from the growing light. It was the only way for her to go. The urge to run hit her again and she let it sweep her up. She put all the energy she could find into her legs. She ran.

He wanted to scream out yes as he watched her take flight. She was trying to get away. He let himself savour it for just a moment, let it build into what he knew would be a rage. She was trying to escape from him. How dare she? HOW DARE SHE? He had given her food and provided her with shelter and this is her way to repay him? How dare she? The growl started low in his throat. How dare she?

She heard nothing over the rush of blood through her ears as she ran. Her only conscious thought was to run, run, run. It became a mantra that repeated in her mind while she ignored the burning in her lungs. Then it was there, the opening, the way out into the woods. It was there within her reach. She sobbed. She was free.

The blow came from behind her and she was thrown so easily into the wall. Her head crashed against the stone and the world shook violently. Bile rose as far as her throat before trickling back down again. Her legs felt like jelly. She tried to lock her knees to stop herself from sliding down. It was important that she stay on her feet. She managed to succeed but her arms just would not obey any commands. They hung limply by her side. Then she saw him, really saw him for the first time and even though she could not move, she discovered that she could scream.

The sound of her screaming pierced through his brain and fed his anger. He opened his mouth and he roared trying to block out her sound. His hand reached out and struck her sharply across the face, almost shattering her jaw. The sound stopped and he was pleased. She had run and he had captured her, she had to accept her punishment. He had earned his reward.

He liked the way she stood there. She seemed to know this was her due. Even with the blood on her face she was so desirable. He wanted her, to taste her, to touch her, to be a part of her beauty for a while. Tears ran freely from her eyes and slid down her cheeks and god, he felt them, each and every one as a throb in his groin. His cock ached to be inside her with a lust so powerful she almost crippled him. She had no clue.

The blow to her face had brought her back to her senses and she did not think that it was a good place to be. Anywhere but here, oh please god anywhere but here. She could see him in the moonlight that shone into the cave, how could she not? He was at least twice her size. He was not ugly, nor was he hairy, as she had expected he might be. He seemed almost to be a normal man only huge. That had not been why she had screamed. He was naked and there was a part of him that was impossible to ignore. She was not a virgin nor a prude, she had entertained men before and taken pleasure in the act of sex herself but this thing, this monster, his cock was unbelievably engorged.

She could see the blood pounding through it and feel the heat radiating out from his groin. She knew he was going to touch her with it. She knew that he was going to put it inside her and she willed her mind to go away again. It declined.

He leaned forward and he licked her, tasting the blood mixed with her tears. She whimpered and tried to squirm away. Oh god how sweet this one was. She was the sweetest yet. He wanted it to last. He wanted her to last. He knew that this would be so beautiful.

His hands tore at her clothing, he needed her naked now. His flesh had to touch hers to become a part of her. He pressed himself against her and enjoyed the gasp that escaped her mouth. He knew she had felt his cock pressing on her thigh and it was the gentle burn that had made her eyes grow wide. He wanted to tell her how much her fear thrilled him, how powerful and strong it made him feel. He wished he had the words express to her how precious her pain would be.

She opened her mouth to scream again but his hand clasped her neck and squeezed, immediately cutting off her air. Nothing came out. His tongue rang across her breathless lips and her stomach convulsed. She felt herself lifted in the air and her eyes widened even further and her fingers drew themselves into claws even as the edges of her vision grew dark. Then His cock was inside her, tearing, ripping and her legs were forced impossibly apart. Her hands came up and dug into his shoulders but he just growled and thrust into her again. She needed air, her lungs were screaming for it desperately. She tried to pry his fingers from her neck. He released it and she felt like she was floating on the pain. He thrust again forcing her body open to him. His tongue licked her neck then his teeth pierced her skin. She whimpered. It was all she could manage to do.

He drank from her. Her blood fresh from her veins quenched a primal need inside of him. It was an honour that he paid to her. Her life force was inside him now. He would never forget her. He thrust into her again and the pounding in his cock was trying to force him to forget to wait. He wanted to wait, he wanted it to last, it was so delicious to share in her beauty, he wanted it to go on and on.

She sobbed, she didn't mean to but she had so very little control. Her fingernails dug into his skin over and over, drawing blood but he didn't seem to care. Nothing seemed to stop him. She knew nothing would. Again he licked her, this time her face and she was disgusted to feel a tinge of pleasure in her groin. It couldn't be, she would not allow it and she denied it even as it grew. His fingers tightened on her neck again and suddenly it was there, the pleasure washing over her. Her muscles spasmed and she didn't want them to. She didn't want to feel what her body had just done. She willed him to crush her throat, would have begged him if she had been able. She would rather die than live with her own betrayal.

He felt it, the shudder of pleasure that passed through her and caused the rhythmical pumping of the muscles in her groin. He was powerless against it. He couldn't hold back and he roared as his cock spewed into her. It felt like she was milking him. He grunted and pushed into her time and time again enjoying the tightness that he felt.

Then he was disappointed. It was over so quickly. It wouldn't be the same next time. He knew. He withdrew from her and tossed her aside. He was finished with her for the moment and she held no interest for him. He was sated and she was used. He left her on the ground knowing that it would be excruciating for her to move. He sat himself at the front of the cave to watch the woods below. He was not afraid to turn his back on her and he wanted to see if there were anything else out there that would interest him.

She lay on the ground not daring to move. She could not find a part of her that did not scream out in pain. His semen and her blood mixed and ran from her most private parts, forming rivulets on the rocks beneath her. Her head ached from where she had hit the wall and her mind was still fuzzy from the lack of air. Her mouth was swollen to twice its normal size and her legs had been forced so far apart she doubted that she could move her hips. She realised it was hopeless, she could never get away and she wasn't really sure that she wanted to live. He had destroyed her body and stolen away any innocence that she had left. She had come while he was inside her. She would never forgive herself for that. She realised that she was mostly dead and she cried for herself and for all that she loved and would miss. She sobbed loudly not trying to pretend she wasn't hurt. Her tears were all that she had left. She didn't care if he heard.

The sounds of her anguish and her pain reached his ears and he strained to make sure he heard every one. It made him feel so alive and powerful to know that he was the cause. He listened carefully letting the sounds pulse through his groin and he felt his cock grow again. He knew this time would not be as good, but he could make it last much longer, and for her it would have an agonising end. It was what she deserved. She was the one that had made him spill so quickly before. It was just another punishment she was due.

He stood and made his way back to where she lay.

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