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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

We made love again and it was beautiful. I held His face and kissed His lips and He told me that I was His. He was so deep inside me that the whole of His cock was enclosed and when He came I pushed my hips up and deliberately squeezed from Him all the semen that I could. I needed it so deep inside of me.

When He started to withdraw I grew anxious and wrapped my legs around Him even tighter.

"Have I got it all?" I asked.
"Shhhh, it's ok baby," He murmured easing His cock from me, "I am drained. You have it all."

I relaxed then and let Him go. He was so careful, moved so slowly. He wanted to leave as much semen inside me as He could. It felt important to us both that it was there. He cupped His hand over my pussy, holding His semen inside me. All I could think was that it belongs in there.

"Sarah," He whispered between tiny gentle kisses, "one day soon we are going to make a baby together inside of you." I am not sure that anyone could ever say anything more beautiful. My heart burst with joy and love and I felt so very fragile that I had to reach out and take His hand.

"Please don't let go." I pleaded.
"Shhhh baby," He murmured again and gently squeezed my hand. "You are mine."
"I will always be Yours," I whispered back to Him.

He relaxed into the bed and I could feel the sleepiness invade His body. He meant it when He had said that He was drained. He kept a hold of one of my hands between us and I shifted just a little so that I could use the other to play with His hair. I kissed Him softly, I couldn't help it, I had to keep kissing Him even after He was obviously asleep.

Then the kissing wasn't enough. I was overfilled with my love for Him. I carefully untangled my fingers from His hand then moved just a little up the bed. I wet my nipple with my saliva and ran it over His lips. I was being so gentle, He never even flinched, but I had shivered with it and I had to do it again. Then I ran my nipple over His stubbly jaw and made myself shiver again. I slowly slid a finger between His lips to force them slightly open and I pressed my nipple inside His mouth. He pulled His head away. I knew that I would wake Him if I did anything more.

I moved back down onto my pillow and I tried to go to sleep. I spent maybe a whole minute trying hard. It didn't work. I slid carefully down the bed and I touched His cock with my fingertips. It was soft and sticky with His semen and my come. I took it in my mouth because I needed Him hard again. I was overwhelmed by the scent and taste of Him. I suckled on Him, nuzzling and licking, encouraging Him with gentle murmurs that I knew He could feel even if He couldn't hear. It wasn't long before His erection had returned. I heard Him moan from somewhere above me then His hands were in my hair and He was pulling me up.

"God Sarah, hurry. I am about to come." He said and rolled me to my back so that He could enter me. He pushed Himself in deep and spurted inside me again. I deliberately squeezed Him once more. He carefully withdrew. He had filled even more.

He lay beside me again, this time with His arm over me.

"Keep your legs together," He whispered, "I want you to keep my semen inside of you."
I was stunned, in awe. "I feel so beautiful." I said.
He smiled and He tucked a stray hair behind my ear. "You are beautiful baby. Sleep with me, my beautiful gentle one."

I fell asleep with Him this time. I think it was because I knew that He really had nothing more to give. He was exhausted and I was satisfied that I would not get anymore from Him.

Mac has always called this type of sex 'baby making love' even if contraception is used because He believes that it is how babies should be made. And strangely enough after the first few days of ovulation when I want to claw and tear and fuck every strong male in sight, I have days like these filled with the urge to mate for life. I just want one Male. I want His semen filling me. I want to be the mother of His child.

Sometimes this soft and gentle time where He sees me as the woman that will bring His child into this world rips at Mac. He wants to be with me, He feels an urge to protect me and when He has to leave He finds Himself torn in two. His responsibility to provide for me clashes with His instinct to stay close. He rarely admits to it, preferring to fight the battle by Himself. He is the Male. He will do what He knows is best and shoulder His responsibility but I see it in His eyes when He has to leave me for the office each day. And I feel it in His arms when He returns.

I love it when He is like this, when He has let His guard down and allows Himself to feel it without pushing me away. I know that some months He feels too overwhelmed with work to be so vulnerable and that sometimes He has to protect Himself. He thinks that I don't understand but I do. I also know that this sort of love is too intense to feel all the time. It makes me feel vulnerable and raw as well. That doesn't mean that it won't still frustrate me when it goes away and I still may throw a tantrum at its loss even though I know it is never gone for good. Mac will just ignore my tantrum or smack me in the mouth, of course.

It is scarily wonderful to be this much in love.

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