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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Yesterday evening I was lying on the bed the wrong way around. In other words my feet were where my head should be and my head where my feet should be. I was reading a book and sometimes, it is just more comfortable to be the wrong way around, especially when you have been in bed a lot. Mac was lying the right way, so my nice clean feet where near His head and my head was somewhere around His mid shin. He is taller than me. Mac was also reading a book and silence ruled as we both became absorbed in other worlds.

Every now and then Mac would absently reach out and stoke my shin or caress my foot. On each of these occasions I would look up at Him but He would still be so engrossed that I doubted He realised He had touched me. It was nice, comforting and I didn't say anything to Him about it. I just let Him keep touching me.

Then He gently lifted my foot and kissed my ankle before putting it back where He got it from. I had watched Him from the moment He had picked up my foot and His eyes had never left His book. He was still lost in that other world yet it was such a soft and loving action that my eyes got a tiny bit wet and I couldn't stop watching Him, smiling at Him.

I never said a word but I guess that after a while my stare got a little heavy and He looked up at me from His book and saw me smiling.

"Wot?" He said eyeing me suspiciously.
"I am just in love with You." I said still smiling.
He scowled at me. "Well love me if you must, but don't stare at me while you are doing it."

I broke into a fit of giggles and clambered up the bed to throw my arms around Him and cover Him in kisses. He smiled at me indulgently.

"My beautiful little Sarah." He said.

Then He sighed and acted as though He was putting up with the kisses I was lavishing on Him. Poor Man.

And I always think that so much of us is there in just these tiny little moments. So much love, so much affection, adoration, happiness and pleasure at just being near each other. We appreciate each other and whether is it with loud noisy messy sex or a kiss on the ankle, some girlish giggles and murmured words, it is all a way to show the other how important they are.

It just keeps getting better and better.

I fall in love with Him all over again each and every day.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 7:03 am

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