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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Yesterday Mac and I were walking in the park when we happened to pass three children ages of about 8-10years old. There were two little boys that had captured a little girl and were holding her with her hands behind her back. She was fighting them, oh boy she was fighting them. Her little feet were kicking out behind her catching them in the shins. She was struggling, really struggling against them and the boys were laughing, so sure of their superiority, and leading her back towards some imaginary den.

Suddenly their father looked up and shouted for the boys to let her go. Eyes were rolled and in voices of pure disdain the father was informed that they were just 'playing a game' and then they continued on.

I looked at Mac and saw that He had been watching the children too and I quietly tugged on the arm of His coat. He looked sideways at me, raising an eyebrow as if He knew whatever was coming could not possibly be good.

"Can I play too?" I whispered and then giggled as He just shook His head.

And it hardly seems fair that when we are old enough to appreciate an afternoon of playing captive, we are too old to really get into the game.

I wish I could be 10 again.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 7:42 am

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