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Monday, March 21, 2005

Her skin was stained with sweat, both hers and His. She arched her back and pushed her hips up into Him.

"I can't." He hissed and she ignored Him, pulling His face to hers and sucking on His lips.

It didn't matter if He thought He couldn't, she knew He was capable of it. He just had to stop thinking about it for a moment and let it happen. It can't be forced when you have been drinking. She wanted to tell Him not to force it, just feel it, but she knew right now was not the time to try and make Him understand.

He was drunk, happy drunk, but drunk all the same and although the alcohol did not soften His erection, it was holding His orgasm at bay. She was not about to let a few celebratory drinks stop her from getting what she wanted, His semen, inside her, today.

He thrust His cock into her, again and again and again. She thought she would go mad if He made her come before He did. She had already had more than her fill. She licked His lips, sucked His tongue, ran her fingers through His hair and almost cried when the best reaction was a growl.

Then suddenly, from nowhere, He grunted and He spilled.

"Yes." She hissed in triumph and relief.

He mumbled something that sounded like "Thank God." And rolled away from her and fell asleep.

Mac rarely drinks to excess, usually if one of us is drunk it is me, and even that only happens very occasionally. But when He does drink we have this problem in which He gets very hard and very horny but it takes a very long time to come, so long that He often wants to give up. I won't let Him. (Well really, I use every trick I know to talk Him out of giving up.) I would like to say there is some trick to making Him come when He has been drinking, but really, it just takes patience and perseverance. He is just damn lucky I have both of those and a healthy appetite for His semen.

I don't mind having to work for it.

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