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Friday, March 11, 2005

I was laying on the bed, naked, legs apart, displaying myself in a very slutty way when He walked in. I wanted to be used, to be fucked and violated and I wanted to make sure that Mac knew it too.

He looked at me eyes narrowed, judging and appraising, His face never betraying a single thought.

"What do you want?" He said and I smiled at Him ever so softly.
"I could use pretty words to tell You," I said, turning over to wriggle my ass at Him before turning around and crawling across the bed. "But truthfully, all I want is Your cock in my cunt, Your cock in my ass, and my mouth sucking Your cock clean."

I was on the edge of the bed and kneeling up to wrap my arms around His neck. I pressed my breasts against His chest and I gently bit His lips until He parted them and I could push my tongue into His mouth.

"Fuck me," I whispered between kisses. "Fuck me like a dirty little slut You found in the street."
"Christ." There was just a tinge of surprise in His voice. "I thought I would come in here and love you gently and all you want is to be ass fucked. You are a dirty little slut. I adore you." He pulled my hair back and bit my neck. My breath hissed from my lips then I grinned at Him. "You smug little bitch." He said.

Then He took His time reminding me that a girl should be ever so careful what she asks for.

She may just love what she gets.

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