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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I woke this morning to gentle whispers in my ear and a hot penis pressing at my ass. Instinctively I pushed back against Him. I reached behind me, between us, and carefully took hold of His cock and directed it between my butt cheeks. That was all it took. Mac groaned and spurted without really getting close to being inside me.

I jerked Him through His orgasm to make sure He was finished properly then I turned around so that I could snuggle into His chest. I was still just a little sleepy. He was slumped and heavy, just like I knew He would be for a couple of minutes yet. I couldn't help but grin rather smugly.

This is not the first time that Mac has come before He has gotten inside me. He has come over my face without getting into my mouth. He has come over my tummy and pussy before He managed to get between my legs. He has come between my ass cheeks before too. It doesn't happen often enough for me to think there is something wrong. In fact, I think it is because something is very right. He comes like that when He is so very turned on and caught up in me that He just can't hold back. He loses control. This morning it was simply because my reaction on waking was not to push Him away, but to encourage Him in His endeavours to fuck my ass. He found it very powerful, it made Him feel very full and before He could stop it, He had spilled.

And I was lying there, snuggled in His warmth, smelling His very Male smell and feeling the wetness from Him leak from between the cheeks of my ass. My smug grin had eased into a very contented smile and Mac slid His fingers beneath my chin and tipped my face up to His.

"You look so very pleased with yourself." He said. I giggled and reached up to touch His lips. He kissed my fingers.
"I am pleased." I said. "I made You come before You even managed to get Your cock in me. Why wouldn't I be pleased with that?"
He shook His head in amazement. "It doesn't matter if I fuck you for hours on end or if I come straight away, does it? As long as I come, you are happy with yourself."
"Uh huh. I just want Your semen." I said.
"No," He said, "it's not my semen that you want. You just want me to be pleased with you."

I smiled at Him softly and snuggled back into His chest. He put His arm around me and held me close. I thought about what He had said, that having Him pleased with me was the important thing. I remembered how even when we have been fucking for hours and I have come and come and come and am begging Him to never let it stop I am doing everything, pulling out every little trick I know to make Him come. I know that when He comes, it will most likely end. I love the sex, absolutely adore having Him inside me, I love the intensity of fucking Him, and wish it could just go on and on. I would have Him inside me always if I could. But the highest of highs, the absolute pinnacle of my pleasure is knowing that He is coming because of me.

I started to giggle while still snuggled into His chest.
"Wot!" Mac said.
"Well, I was thinking that it is such a hard choice between making You come immediately and keeping You inside me so I can enjoy the sex longer. I laughed because it is kind of funny that I consider this decision tough."
Mac smiled. Then He chuckled. "I bet you are not the only one that feels like that. I bet the girls that read the blog do it sometimes too. You should ask them." He said.

So when you are having sex, do you find it hard to choose between making it last longer and making your partner come? Mac has got me curious now and I would like to know.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 7:15 am

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