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Thursday, March 03, 2005

I wrote this last night so the end result is not here. Maybe I should write it later, but right now I am hardly together. Then again, I was hardly together last night. I didn't edit it, though I would have liked to in places. This was what I was feeling and thinking at the time, so I left it as it is.

Mac is home tonight, working in His study. And He is being mean and nasty in the nicest of ways. He called me to His study earlier on then He ordered me to bring Him some tea. When I brought it back He took it from me and bent me over the desk and ground His groin into me. Later He was walking past me in the hall way and He pushed me into the wall holding my hands over my head in one hand while He felt me all over and kissed me, then let me go. Later again He walked up behind me while I was sitting at my desk and His fingers pinched my nipple while His teeth bit my neck. Each time He did something He made me say evil and wicked things about myself.

"I am a come whore slut."
"I am a dirty little subbie bitch."
"I am a cock hungry slap hungry come hungry tart."
"I am a come and cock hungry whore."
"I want to be ass raped."
"Moan it, Sarah."
"Oh god."
"Moan it."
"Do it. Now."
"I want to be ass raped."
"I want my cunt to be used and used and used."

I felt, I feel confused. I am not in a good or bad mood. I just kind of am. He says He is going to hurt me, He is going to fuck my mouth, rape it, make me gag and choke while His cock explodes and semen spills from my lips. He says that I have no choice, He will hold onto my hair with one hand and use the other to pry open my mouth if I resist. He says that I need to have my face slapped and my hair pulled. He says that I want it don't I? Oh god yes, I do. Then He walks away, leaving me weak and shaking with lust. Bastard. I find my way back to my desk and I wait for Him to come to me again. Just like I am waiting for Him now. He has me so ready and willing to do anything, everything, and He knows it. It has been almost a full evening of nasty foreplay. I don't think He is finished with me yet. I am nervous, edgy, excited, wanting, needing, scared. What if He does as He says He is going to do? Oh god, what if He doesn't? He has me all mixed up inside and He knows it. I see it in His ever so smug grin. Bastard. Damn him. Bastard.


I love this so much.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 7:12 am

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