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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Mac has had clients in town since early last week, hence the late nights working. He worked on His birthday too. They all go home Tuesday, which means things should calm down around here, at least, until next time.

He worked on His birthday too. He did manage to make it home just in time for the party I had planned and boy was He ready to party. Any tiredness He felt was shrugged off with the second glass of Jack Daniels and the excitement of seeing His birthday present in place. The pool table looks just wonderful in the room He has decided to make a games room. He, of course, had the first shot then made it quite clear to everyone that girls were only tolerated in the room so long as they didn't interfere in the game. Like we WANTED to be in the smelly old boys room, sheesh. Anyway, only two people could play at a time and there were about 30 people there so everyone just kept drifting around to eat and talk and flirt and carry on. It was almost like an evening at the pub, only it was at our house. It was good.

I think the absolute highlight of my evening was when Mac walked into the kitchen and saw me standing there alone.

"C'mere cockslut." He said, walking towards me.
I choked on my drink and pointed over my shoulder to a female friend of ours that was standing where He had not been able to see her when He walked in. Mac had the decency to blush, just a little. "Well then," He said, "in that case, hello darling." He gave me a chaste kiss on the cheek.

Our friend was killing herself laughing. I was standing in Mac's arms shaking my head and Mac was kind of laughing in embarrassment. He apologised to us both, but she just shrugged it off as one of those things and so did I. It was one of those situations where it was a complete accident and any gossip about it will tell me more about her than about me. It wasn't a real problem, just a tad embarrassing and strangely, very arousing.

Our giggling friend excused herself and Mac and I were left alone in the kitchen.

"Oops" Mac said.
"Uh huh. Oops. I was trying so hard to tell You she was here before You said something else."
"Yeah," He said. "I saw the look of horror and lust in your eyes."
I laughed then put a finger over His lips. "Hush You, Bastard."
He grinned. "I am a cock whore and will pleasure yours the second I can. Say it."
I felt all hot and bothered. "I am a cock whore and will pleasure Yours the second I can." I said.
"Good girl." He whispered. "Do you have any panties on?" His hands were under my skirt exploring my ass so I knew He knew the answer was yes, but I nodded anyway. "Hmmm. You need something. Something to feel owned. I think you should go and get the clip, put it on your clitoris and leave the panties on. I may want them later when they are soaking wet."
"Yes Sir." I said.

He left me then, went back to the games room and I went and got the clip and slipped it on. Then I came back downstairs and found Him relaxing against the wall while two friends played pool. He looked at me questioningly. I smiled and nodded. He smiled back. He knew I had obeyed. Then again, He had known that I would.

The rest of the party was a ball. People talked and laughed and watched rugby games we had playing on the television, games that a fair amount of the men had played in. They consumed alcohol and food in obscene amounts. Rugby players have hollow legs and cast iron stomachs. So do our non-rugby playing friends. Maybe it is just men between the ages of 20 and 30 or so.

People started to leave somewhere between 1 and 2 am. Things quietened down a lot and we sat around with the people that were staying over for another hour or so. Some of the women helped me clean up most of the mess. For a bunch of oafs they were a very non-messy bunch. I was really happy with how easy it was.

I was in the kitchen throwing a few last things in the dishwasher when Mac came up behind me. He was just a little drunk. He rarely drinks to excess, just enough to make Him buzz. He grabbed me and spun me around to face Him and the second absolute highlight of the night began.

"My cock is huge and throbbing and my balls are full." He said.
I licked my lips and pointed to the kitchen door. "Our friends are just in there." I said.
"So? It is my house. You are my girl and I want to use my cunt now." He had manoeuvred me around the kitchen so that my back was to a wall. I didn't protest. I was just drunk enough for this to seem like a damn good idea. I was wet, soaking wet and He was hard, I could feel Him pressed against me. The argument that it was in our house made perfect sense to me, either that or I really was a cock hungry whore.

I undid His jeans. He moved my panties aside and I hooked on leg over His hip. He pushed into me and then lifted me so that I could wrap my other leg around Him. He fucked me up against the kitchen wall while our friends relaxed in the next room. He grunted with each thrust.

"Take that, cock whore."
"Take it, Bitch."
"Fucking whore."

I came, digging my fingers into His shoulders. Then I grabbed two handfuls of His hair and dragged His lips to mine. I thrust my tongue into His mouth and He came deep inside me. It was raw hungry, selfishly satisfying sex.

Then He lowered me to the floor and grinned at me while He did up His jeans.

"I wonder if anyone heard." He said. I blushed and wondered that too.

I stayed in the kitchen for a while but Mac went back out and joined our friends. When I went out there 10 minutes later everyone was almost asleep, including Mac. I had to convince Him to get up and follow me. Someone else was supposed to be sleeping on the couch. I got Him into our bed and then went back down and handed out extra blankets to those on the camp beds and turned out all the lights. No one said anything about any noises that had come from the kitchen. I guess they couldn't hear over their own conversations and the television. I was a little disappointed and a lot relieved. Mac was snoring when I climbed into bed.

I really think He had a good birthday.

I know it was everything I wanted it to be for Him.

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