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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Not too long ago Mac was in the airport in Bangkok. It was a stopover, one of those ones where you don't have time to actually do anything, but have so much time that you get bored. He had tried to sleep but the airport was a mad house so He decided the only sensible thing to do was get His hair trimmed.

The girl who did it for Him was a pretty tiny little wisp of an Asian woman. Mac said she was fuckable but He was too tired to actually be thinking too much about such things. She finished His hair and He stood and was about to pay when she asked in broken English if He was tired.

Mac shrugged. "Yeah." He said. "I am."
"And stressed?" she asked.
"Sure," Mac said. "Why?" He realised that something was going on and was curious as to what.
"Sure," she said back to Him and much to His surprise she reached over and patted His groin. "I take care of," she said nodding.
"What?" Mac looked around. They were in an airport! "Where?"
"Right here," the girl said, taking off her top completely unfazed. Mac was stunned. Just stunned. "How much you pay me?" she said.

Within minutes Mac had called me and told me the story of what had happened. I sat here laughing so hard. I could just imagine the expressions that had crossed Mac's face as the exchange took place.

"I didn't even bother to negotiate." He said morosely. "She ruined it for me as soon as I realised that she didn't really want my semen on her tummy."
"Awww poor Baby." I crooned. "I promise I will always want your semen on my tummy. And on my tits. And in my pussy. And just about anywhere else I can get it."
"Slut" He said and I could hear the grin in His voice.

We said our goodbyes and He was gone.

For a long time that whore stayed in my mind. I wasn't jealous and I wasn't upset. In fact I was pleased that Mac felt this was something that He could share with me, that it was something He wanted to share with me. He thought it was funny to be propositioned by a hairdresser in an airport. I thought about it after He had hung up and I was a little miffed that I had not been with Him. The more I thought about it, the more I wished that I had been there to watch.

Since then I have had a fantasy about watching Him being pleasured by another woman, just by her hands, nothing else. I don't even want them to kiss. I especially don't want them to kiss. I really think I would enjoy watching some stranger's hand sliding along His cock. I have seen Emma pleasure Him, but that is different. I love Emma so much that she is a part of me. When Emma is with us, we please Mac together, not as separate entities. I would like to see someone I feel no attachment to try and pleasure Him.

You see, the thing is, I know Mac and I know He isn't going to come over some whore's tummy just because her hand is on His cock. That isn't going to work for Him. I have no doubt He turned that girl down because it just isn't His thing. There has to be more to it then just physical stimulation. Mess with His mind or touch His heart, that's how you pleasure my Man. And I would love to see her trying, jerking Him against her tummy and doing her best while I knew that all it would take is a wicked whisper in His ear and my tongue in His mouth. His orgasm would belong not to the girl holding His cock. It would be mine.

For some reason I really enjoy the thought of it. (Of course, in reality I would probably smack the bitch in the mouth and tell her exactly where she can deposit her fee.) I guess it comes back to an ownership thing. I belong to Him, but He is mine too. No matter what girl had His cock, His pleasure belongs to me.

It always will.

I intend on making sure of that.

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