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Monday, March 28, 2005

We have had some interesting moments over this holiday. We were a little more subdued than normal because we had other people around, but somehow we managed to make it more intimate for us. At least I felt it was more intimate. Because we couldn't just drop everything and grope each other whenever we felt like it, we tended to touch each other more often. Quick little touches like a pat on the ass, a kiss on the cheek, holding hands while out in the garden, His hand on my thigh when we were sitting next to each other. Just little things like that.

And at night when we climbed into bed He would be ready and I would be very willing. We would touch and feel and kiss each other all over amidst giggles and gurgles and admonishments to be quiet followed by growls and grunts and soft little moans. Mac would whisper to me that they would hear then bite my neck and I would hold onto Him tightly as I shuddered and wept and did everything I could to force Him to come.

Mac would hold me, all night, every night and I slept soundly with His semen leaking from between my legs. It was important that He came inside me. It was important that His semen was inside me. We were both reacting to having the little one around. She filled us both with adoration of each other. We couldn't seem to get enough of being together. We couldn't seem to stop falling in love.

It was just gorgeous, such a beautiful way to celebrate a holiday.

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