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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Yesterday morning just after I had blogged I wrote an email to Mac:

I wonder if You were here tonight would You lie over me with Your cock buried deep in my ass? Just lay there, squishing me into the mattress, letting my muscles suck your orgasm from You, surrounding me with Your strength. I wonder if You would do that for me?

I love You.

The reply came in the form of a telephone call from Amsterdam:

"Hey sweetheart." He said. "I am calling from the airport. Plane's delayed."
"Bugger." I said.
"Odd you should say bugger. Just got an email from an Aussie girl asking me to bugger her."
"Oh God." I said. "Did I really ask for that?"
"Yes." He said. "Will you do that for me?" you asked. "Bury your cock deep in my ass." you said. "Let me suck your orgasm from you," you said."
"Must be want I wanted then." I smiled.
"My answer is yes, as long as while we lie there, I cup your breasts in my hands and suck your tongue."
"Oh. I would let You do that to me."
"I know." He said. "All day and all night."
"Yes." I said.
"I would allow you to let me do that to you."
"All day and all night?" I asked.
"Yes." He said. "All day and all night. I am in an airport, surrounded by people and lost in you. I just want you as close as possible, 'never let you go,' close."
"God." I said. " I need You."
"You have me Sarah. You know that."
"I know." I whispered.
"So get on a plane and come to me. I want you with me tonight."
"I can't." I said, my mind racing. He was kidding right? What about work, the cats, the painting I haven't finished, the house, the housework. There was so much to arrange and organise it would take me two days before I could manage to get everything in order. By that time He would be almost on His way home.

I told Mac a number of reasons why it was just not possible for me to go to Him. He listened patiently.

Then He said, "Sarah find a flight and get on it. Let me know that time it lands, I will arrange for a car to meet you. I want your ass in my hotel room tonight. I mean it. I know you can do it."

So I did. Mac wanted me with Him and nothing was going to stop me from going to Him. Luckily enough, everything just fell into place. My mother is going to look after the cats and knowing mum she will probably tidy anything that I didn't have time to do. I told her not to and she told me to mind my own business and have a nice break. My friend that I am working for thought it was a brilliant idea. She said not to worry about the database, it wasn't going anywhere and she has lived without it for three years so a few extra days won't matter a bit. The painting will still be there when I get back.

The trip was smooth and though I landed late there was a car waiting for me. The driver didn't waste anytime in getting me to the hotel and the hotel staff were expecting me and took my bags and me to our room. Mac was in bed but awake. He was reading some book that got tossed aside as soon as we were left alone. I didn't bother unpacking and I had freshened up at the airport so I just undressed while we talked about my trip and His day then I climbed over Him. I could feel that He was hard. I smiled as I patted His cock over the sheet.

"I am ready for You too." I said.

And He turned me onto my hands and knees and took His time working His cock into my ass. He did it slowly so that He wouldn't hurt me, not even a little bit. Then He pushed me flat onto the bed and He was over me squashing me, surrounding me. I was just able to breathe. He kissed my neck and my ear and He whispered beautiful gentle things to me and when He kissed my cheek I would turn my head and give my tongue to Him.

We stayed like that for ages, hours, just whispering and touching, being together again. Mac didn't let Himself come until we were both ready to sleep. He slept with an arm and a leg thrown over me. I didn't mind.

So here I am, not exactly in a country unexplored, I have been here before, but still it will be good just to be somewhere different for a few days. Mac is working and won't have much time except of an evening. Even then we have dinners to attend. I don't mind. I can fill my days. For instance, I have to buy a new dress for dinner tonight then I have an appointment to have my hair styled. I really want to look so good that Mac's heart and cock swells. I love it when I have that affect on Him.

This was a really good idea.

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