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Friday, April 22, 2005

The Male portrayed in the fantasy below came from a combination of Mac's completely filthy mind, and the cruelty of the man in the pic I described yesterday.

A fantasy inspired by Mac, written by me.

She rested quietly on her knees taking in small glimpses of the room through downcast eyes. She knew He wasn't watching her at the moment, she knew it was safe to have these quick little looks around. She was in the middle of the room, the centre of attention. She didn't mind. Being the only female here she was sure to catch the eyes of the others. Of course being naked didn't help.

Some of them were smiling. She wanted to smile back but didn't dare because it was not the correct thing for her to do. Some of them were looking at her like she was a prime portion of meat and they had not eaten in a while. It made her sit up straighter and thrust her tits out more. She recognised some of them, there were men here that she liked and respected, men that she had called friends. She wondered how this would affect their friendship. She wondered if she would ever be able to face them again. Taking a chance and glancing up at Him, she wondered if He cared. As far as He was concerned, the only thing she needed to be was His. Yet she had trusted Him this far, it hardly seemed a leap that she would trust Him in this. He would take care of her. She knew it in her heart.

He sipped the last of His red wine and someone was there to take His glass from Him and disappear. He liked service like that, quiet, unobtrusive, it should just happen without thought or care. His girl could do that too when He wanted it that way. The thought of her bought a smile to His lips and He glanced down to look at her. Her eyes quickly fluttered back down and He knew she had been looking at Him.

"Anxious, little one? Ready to start?" He asked.
"Whenever You are ready, my Love." She answered properly.

He smiled again and patted her head while He glanced around the room at the men waiting for His word. For just a moment He allowed Himself to think that maybe He had taken on too much, He had invited too many for her to handle. Then He reminded Himself that He was in charge and they would stop, she would stop when He said it was the end. He was in control. They would all do as He said. He had chosen the men here carefully. He decided it was time to begin.

She felt the familiar tug of the leash on her collar and she moved forward onto her hands and knees with grace. She would crawl for Him like a treasured pet and she didn't mind it at all. She found it rather sensual, sexually enticing, and she prowled along behind Him like a cat. She knew that most men would find the sway of her breasts and the curve of her ass quite pleasant to look at and that slutty little part of her liked providing them the view. She wriggled just a little more than she really needed to. She almost grinned at herself, but stifled it just in time.

She was brought to the first man and she wondered how the order was chosen then almost grinned again, as if the order mattered. She was obviously not thinking straight. She could smell the arousal in the air and she breathed it all in, her, them, but most of all Him. She knew that He was already turned on. Just the idea of her pleasing another man worked so well on Him. He wanted this, wanted to see her being a slut, wanted to watch her bring someone else, many men to the same place she so often brought Him. She knew that this would arouse Him beyond compare.

For her though, it was different, she didn't really understand how He could want to share her with other men. She sometimes thought that He should want her as just His. He should want to possess her totally. Other times, she wanted such wanton decadence, she wanted to be the cumslut He accused her of being. She had always been such a good little virginal girl, only having sex when she was in love and treasured, just this once, she wanted to be free of those constraints, she wanted to fuck for the pure enjoyment of fucking and have it mean nothing except the pleasure she could bring.

And in the end it had been the thought that this was nothing more than foreplay for them that had convinced her she would not turn away when she was brought to the first. She would arouse Him intolerably with her whorish behaviour and she could enjoy it because it would all be for Him. She intended on making Him feel like His cock was bursting, like His mind was ready to explode in jealous lust before she would relieve Him. She would make it so His only coherent thought was to fuck her into oblivion. She was going to use all these men here to make Him belong to her.

His cock was already throbbing with anticipation. He could smell her, Christ, what a little slut she was. He could hardly believe she was getting off on this already. She had been so excited all day. In the car she had told Him that she had masturbated 5 times while thinking about it. He had almost turned around right then and taken her back home. He had expected her to be scared, nervous, doing this because He had asked her, but here she was already totally enjoying it. The guy in front of her started to unzip his pants and He thought about stopping it right then. Then she looked up at Him, her eyes wide, trusting, asking for permission and His doubt slipped away. She was still His, no matter what. He nodded and she smiled the tiniest of smiles. It warmed His heart. Now the fun would begin.

The cock was there before her and to her surprise the man that it belonged to hardly mattered at all. The only man she saw was her own. She held the stiffening cock carefully in one hand and delicately licked across the head. She glanced up and met anonymous eyes as she took him inside her mouth. She cupped his balls and kneaded them and spat on his cock to make it slick. She used her hand and her mouth in unison to bring him quickly to the brink. She moaned a little, he groaned a lot and he spurted, thrusting deeper into her throat. She didn't swallow, she didn't want to, not yet any way, she just let his semen dribble back out down her chin.

She thanked him politely, the way she had been told to do and she waited for a word from her Male to move on. He said nothing and she glanced up at Him. For a moment she was scared as He looked at her almost like she wasn't there but then He smiled and she was all right again. He moved her onto another and then another followed. On this third one, she heard the expected sound of a switch travelling through the air. She jumped.

He hit her somewhat lightly. He didn't really want to hurt her, not yet. She was enjoying it and this thought disturbed Him. Wasn't she supposed to be enjoying it? He had not wanted her to do this if it would turn her off, but He did not expect her to be quite so into it. He thought she would be hesitant, hold off a little, but here she was, making them come and licking her lips before moving onto the next. She was moaning now, He could hear her. She was making that sound she always made when she knew that He was about to come. It was a mixture of joy and surprise, almost a cry of 'HE IS GOING TO COME FOR ME!' He loved that sound. He brought the switch down harder on her ass and much to His surprise He saw her grab a hold of the guy's ass and pull his cock further into her mouth.

She pulled him into her as far as she could. She made herself gag and choke on his cock. She couldn't breathe, her ass burnt and she held onto this stranger's ass as he emptied his balls into her throat.

The switch came down again and she growled as she withdrew the cock from her mouth. Without looking at Him or waiting for His permission, she crawled on her own to the next cock. As she leaned forward to take it in her mouth, the switch appeared between them and pushed her away from it. She knelt back and raised her head all the way when the switch lifted her chin.

Six hard relentless strokes across her breasts that she knew was punishment for her insolence. She would wait next time. She had better not forget. She heard the switch splash into the semen as it hit her tits and she was a little surprised at the clarity she felt. Everything was big, huge, sounds so loud, sights so very sharp and the pain dug deep. She felt it somewhere in the very pit of her stomach, deeper, in her groin. It made her clitoris throb.

She took her punishment without uttering a sound. He knew it hurt her from the grimace on her face. He would not allow her to forget that the control was His. Next time she would remember to wait for His permission. After all this was about control, wasn't it?

He held out the switch and it was taken from His hand and replaced with a very fine whip. Yes. He liked the service around here. It would do very nicely. Yes indeed. His cock throbbed again and He knew if He was not careful, for the first time in many many years, He was going to come inside His pants. He tugged at the leash for her to carry on.

Another cock, god, she didn't know how much more she could take. She wanted Him so badly. His control made her ache. She leaned forward and took it into her mouth and she knew that this guy had been stroking it himself. The taste of his precum was all down the shaft. She pulled off him, right to the very tip and then she kissed the head of his cock before slowly parting her lips to take him in again. The guy moaned loudly and she couldn't help it. Really, she couldn't help it. She had to touch herself, didn't she? As the first spurts hit her tongue, she shuddered and came.

Suddenly it hit Him. The little bitch was coming. She was coming because the guy she was sucking on came. He stepped forward and brought the whip down hard against her ass and she flinched and cried out. He did it again and again. The slut. The whore. Her hand stayed between her legs as she shuddered some more. He tossed the whip aside and jerked the leash hard and He took some satisfaction in her grunt. He pulled her along and she scurried on her hands and knees to keep up with Him. He moved so quickly that she was almost dragged along.

They entered another room and He kicked the door shut behind her. She wasn't frightened, He wouldn't harm her, she knew that. She knelt quietly as He paced before her, back and forth like a lion in a cage. She knew He was angry, though anger did not quite cover it. He was almost in a jealous rage.

"You bitch," He spat. "You filthy little whore. You liked it didn't you? You liked being a cumdump for those guys. Look at you, just look at you. There is semen in your hair and on your face. It is dripping down your tits. You liked it. You filthy little whore. You liked it."

She knelt there silently unsure what it was safe to say. He threw down His end of her leash and walked away. She looked at it a moment, then she picked it up off the floor and held it out to Him.

"Yes Sir." She said calmly. "I did."

He moved towards her quickly and she flinched just a little as He smacked the chain from her hands. He grabbed her hair with one hand and freed His cock with the other and He shoved it unceremoniously into her throat. She gagged and choked, then gagged again. He seemed out of control. She couldn't breathe and panic started to set in. She scrabbled at His waist to push Him away. He pulled her harder against Him. She gagged again. He let her go.

"You bitch. You fucking little bitch." He screamed. His hand stuck her cheek and she fell to her side on the floor. He rolled her onto her back and pinned her down beneath Him. "Don't you ever fucking dare push me away."

He forced her legs apart with His knees and she wanted to tell Him no, please, not like this but the words stuck in her throat. Then He was inside her, thrusting at her mercilessly, pushing into her so hard that it hurt. She clung to Him desperately. It was all that she could do.

All He could think of was how much His cock ached. It was hugely swollen, massive and felt like it was growing with every stroke. His head filled with the need to get deeper inside her. He drove into her again and again and again. He knew He was hurting her but He just couldn't stop. He had to fuck her like this. It was a need. He didn't come until she started to scream.

Then it was over, just like that and His precious darling girl was sobbing because of Him.

She felt Him lift Himself off her and she didn't have the strength left to try and hold Him. She let Him go. She curled up into a little ball on the floor. She hurt in places she didn't know she had. He hated her, she was sure of that. He hated her for liking it too much. He was right. She was just another little slut, another hole for men to come in, a cumdump. She was nothing. He was right to hate her. He deserved so much more from His one.

She felt Him sit beside her and she was surprised that He had come back. She wanted to tell Him to go away, it was enough. She felt the warm wet cloth softly dab at her cheek and her breath caught in her throat.

"Oh baby," He whispered. "I am so sorry. I lost control. I hurt you and god, I didn't mean to. I am so sorry, my precious girl."

She tried to sit up and He was there to help her. He pulled her to Him and nestled her into His lap. He washed her face and kissed her hair. He touched her cheek and gave her some orange juice to drink. He wanted her to know that she was so very special to Him. He wanted to take care of her.

"I thought You hated me." She whispered.
"I couldn't hate you, not ever. You are my girl. You did nothing wrong. It was my fault." He said. "I let it go too far and couldn't hold onto it. I let it get out of control."
She looked at Him thoughtfully. "But I wanted You to lose it, just this once, to see what it was like."
"That's no excuse," He shook His head, "I am supposed to protect you. It isn't right that I let it happen like this. It is my fault, little one. I completely take the blame."

She smiled, a gentle smile, and she reached up and kissed Him on the cheek. He wasn't going to shirk His responsibility and it made her love Him more. She wasn't entirely sure that it was all His fault. She knew she had done some pushing of her own, but she could examine that later, when she was alone. For now she had to make it right between them. It was something that she knew how to do.

As He watched she slid a finger through the semen on her tits then took it down between her legs and pressed it against her clitoris. She sucked in a breath as she massaged it around. With her other hand she scooped up more of the semen and brought it to her mouth to lick.

"You little whore." He hissed softly, but she felt His cock stir against her thigh.

She took the finger from between her legs and slid it over His lips. "Please Sir, fuck my ass?" she asked very quietly.

He growled and she rolled from His lap to her knees. He took her hands and held them behind her back. The floor was cold against her cheek. She felt His cock start to force it's way into her ass and she smiled. She knew they were going to be just fine.

Hours later when she woke in the middle of the night, He pulled her close and told her everything was all right. She smiled softly and closed her eyes.

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