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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

She walked along the street feeling lonely again even though she was far from alone. The streets were filled with unseeing people all in such a hurry to be somewhere else. She had tried smiling at them but it depressed her when her smiles went unanswered. A smile was obviously too much work for them. Perhaps it was too personal in a time where no one wanted to be personal anymore. She stopped smiling and kept her eyes downcast, just like the rest, isolated among the throngs.

She walked into the restaurant and looked around though she instinctively knew he would not be there. He would either be late or not show up at all. It was something she had learnt to put up with. It rarely changed no matter what she did. She gave the reservation name to the maitre de and he politely asked if she would like to wait for her companion at the bar. She knew it was to save her the embarrassment of him not showing up. She could wait a while and slip out quietly. That way only she would know. She wondered how many times that happened here in a week.

The bar was small, a token really, a couple of stools lined against a tiny service area that catered to the waiters and waitresses. It would have been less conspicuous at the table. She could have pretended to be eating alone. She felt like every eye in the place was on her so she made the best of it and ordered a drink from the harried girl behind the bar. She kept it simple, a glass of white wine. It was presented to her quickly and the girl disappeared and left her sitting there on her own. She played with the glass, twirling it between sips and pretended she was somewhere else. She decided not to wait any longer than one drink.

Then he was there slipping confidently onto the stool beside her. She almost sighed in relief. He greeted her by putting his hand on the back of her neck and kissing her cheek. It made her toes curl inside her high heels.

"Waiting long?" he asked and although she knew he didn't really care about the answer she shook her head no. "Good." He said. "You look beautiful. So should we eat, or maybe just go back to my place. I am not feeling very patient tonight."
She smiled demurely at the compliment and her eyes played with his. "I am fine with whatever you want." She said.
"Yes." He said thoughtfully. "I know you are. We will eat."

They sat across from each other at the table and the meal was delicious. He was very attentive to everything she said. He made her laugh. She made him relax and the time flew past so quickly. It seemed too soon that it was time to leave. He took her hand and escorted her out the door.

She walked with him back to his place and they fell into a comfortable rhythm the way that lovers do. He told her the most pathetic jokes and she screwed up her nose and tried her best not to laugh. He touched her cheek and told her that he liked it when she smiled. She smiled again, just for him. He smiled back at her and she felt the blood rush to her groin. It didn't usually happen so easily. They held hands and it made her heart feel light. It was so very sweet. She wasn't lonely with him at all.

He opened the door and led her inside and she smiled at his obvious delight to have her here. He asked if she would like something else to drink and she told him again that it was up to him. He looked at her a moment then slowly shook his head.

"I have waited long enough, I think." He said and came to her and removed her dress. Her underwear was black just as he had demanded when he had called. She stood before him in panties, a bra, stockings and her shoes. Her hands clenched and unclenched nervously at her side. She desperately wanted to cover her self but she knew that it was not something she was allowed.

He stood back and appraised her. She felt a little odd, almost like she was an object he was thinking about making a bid on. She briefly wondered how high he would be prepared to go. She suddenly wanted him to hurry up and make a move. He took her hand and led her to the bedroom.

And it was all there laid out on the bed almost reverently and for a moment her stomach churned in fear. She knew he meant to hurt her tonight but for a while she had forgotten about this bit. He carefully and quietly slid leather cuffs around her wrists. Then his hand smoothed down a stray curl of hair.

"It's ok," he whispered soothingly, "I promise I won't harm you. It will only hurt a little bit, just enough for both of us, my beautiful girl."

She never said a word. She had not been asked to speak. She knew the rules, what was expected of her, and she followed them religiously.

During the next hour she discovered that his idea of a little bit did not mesh with hers and she hurt like she had never hurt before. He used little vice like clips on her nipples and on her clitoris and every time she screamed from the pain he would tighten them a little more. He used a whip to cut into the skin on her thighs and tits. Her blood bubbled along the finest of lines. It didn't bother him and he lashed out at her again. At some point she had bitten through her lip. She could not remember exactly when. She just knew that it stung.

Each time he stopped he would pull the clip from her clitoris and push a bottle up inside of her and make her come. She was always ready when he did. It never took her long. He would use the bottle to fuck her long enough to collect some of her fluid, then he would make her open her mouth and dribble it over her face and tongue. He would slap her if she tried to turn away. Then he would tightly clip her clitoris again.

He called her names, awful vicious names and made her call herself them too. She felt a horrible thrill each time he did. The smell of his precum was strong in the air and when she begged to taste it he slapped her because he had not told her she could talk. She spoke again. Then again. And again. She became lost in the lust of it all.

When she felt that she had reached the peak of the pleasure she could feel he shoved his cock inside her and demanded more. He thrust into her with such force that her groin felt almost numb and she knew she was beyond coming again. His hand slid around her throat and he squeezed despite her desperate whispered protests of no.

The world swam out of focus and darkened, her eyes rolled back into her head and she shuddered in such violent pleasure that she forgot to worry about the oxygen she needed to live. His cock spat his semen into her and his growls of pleasure drowned out her gasps as he finally released her throat and she gulped down air.

Then he was kissing her softly, his tongue finding its way hesitantly into her mouth. He smoothed her hair and licked her cheeks while her muscles forced the last of his orgasm out of him. She put her still cuffed hands around his neck and held onto him while he whispered to her that she was such a gorgeous girl, such a precious and gorgeous girl, beyond compare, and she revelled in his praise. His cock slid from her and she lifted her arms as he rolled onto His side and took her hands to release her bonds. She wanted desperately to kiss him some more. He let her for another minute. Then he firmly pushed her away.

"Thank you." He said politely. "You have done your job well. You are free to go."
"You have already paid for a full day." She said blinking away the sudden hurt she felt.
"I know, but this was enough. You can keep the money of course, and I will send a bonus for you too. I have a feeling I may have left some marks. I imagine that you may have to cancel an appointment or two over the next couple of days."
She turned away in case she betrayed herself with tears. "Thank you, that is very kind." Her voice was cold and emotionless. It was how she needed it to be.

She could hardly believe she was reacting this way. He was treating her like a whore, which is exactly what she was and she was being so unprofessional. He had paid for a service and she had provided it. She should be relieved at the time off she was going to receive. But it hurt her on some level that she did not want to acknowledge. It would not do to cry in front of him. It was not right to feel anything at all. She was paid not to let herself get involved. She had to start remembering that.

She gathered her underwear from where it had been discarded around the room and moved into the sitting room to dress. He offered her a shower but she declined, wanting to get as far away from him as she could. There was an overnight bag of hers just beside the door where the porter must have dropped it after she had left it with the concierge downstairs and she grabbed it and slung it over her shoulder just as He walked through the bedroom door. She looked at him wondering if he had changed his mind.

"You need money for a cab?" He asked and she felt as if she had just been slapped.
"No," she said coldly. "That is covered in the fee." But she felt no satisfaction at the frown on his face. She just wanted to be alone again. Then he was beside her, arms around her, lips pressed gently against her cheek.

"So beautiful." He whispered. "Just so beautiful." And he let her go again.

She walked from the room with her head held high and she refused to turn around and look back no matter what. She almost made it into the cab before she began to cry. Home felt like such a long way away.

In the room he paced the floor. This one had been too sweet. What ever happened to the hard and seasoned whores? Why did he have to get one that seemed so innocent? He adored the way she had been almost naive and he had an awful feeling he could fall for her if he let her stay around for any longer than she had. He was much better off on his own.

She was a hell of a complication he did not need.

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