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Friday, April 29, 2005

So, the wedding. I am told that you probably do want to hear about this. I don't know if I should. Is it really somehting you want to read about?

Actually for the most part it has been rather fun. I love going to places and being called 'the-bride-to-be' and have people running around like you are the queen. I have seen so many different things and different ways of doing this that I get quite dizzy if I think about it for too long. I was never one of those girls with an idea of the perfect wedding in their head. I could just as easily run away to Las Vegas and get it done. Of course, that would really piss off our families, so we will do it right. Besides, I am only going to do this once.

Of course, everyone has taken much delight in telling me of all their wedding stuff ups, like the photographer that failed to show, the cake that just disappeared, a reception hall that was completely flooded out the night before the wedding and a groom that they couldn't find when the bride arrived at the church. (He and the groomsmen had ducked down to the pub for a quick beer and forgotten about the time.) Oh and the hairdresser that kept cutting people's hair while the bride and bridesmaids waited four hours to get their hair done. And the tight fitted wedding dress that had been taken in on one side only so the seam down the front was noticeably crooked. The bride stood with her feet crossed in all the photos so that it didn't stand out quite so much.

Finding a dress is a much bigger pain than I ever thought it would be. I thought I could just walk into a bridal boutique (they are never shops, always boutiques) and it would be hanging there. No such luck. Everything I have seen either makes me look like an over-wrapped sweet with puffs of silk and taffeta and lace springing off it everywhere or it is so low cut my breasts are in constant danger of popping out. I have decided that strapless is just not going to work unless it has boning through the bodice and sits up high. (I don't know the dressmaker term for it, but that pretty much describes what I mean.) I am going to the city, to some of the bigger boutiques on the weekend. I am hoping that I do better there.

Other than that, it is all going along smoothly. October still seems a long way away though I am sure it will race by. I have decided that I am not allowed to get too upset when things go wrong. I want it to be more like a party to celebrate our love then a perfect formal affair. Mac doesn't mind at all as long as He gets to make His speech. He is happy just to go along with whatever I think is right. He feels that the wedding itself is more of a girl thing and I agree with Him.

He did come to the church with me for the interview. We actually sat in the church and had a chat with a lovely gentleman. He took down details about us and when he came to our addresses, I had to say that we lived together and I asked if that was a problem for the church. I know some of our friends had trouble with clergy not wanting a part of a sinful relationship and I thought perhaps we would run into the same issue, but he fixed me with a look of amused patience and told me that what Mac and I were doing was not news to God. He said that the fact that we are in love and already in a committed relationship meant that He was already watching over us. So the ceremony would not be a case of asking for God's blessing, more one of thanking Him for bringing us together and letting everyone else know that this commitment is forever. I really liked his perspective of it all. So are wedding updates something that you want to see on here? Let me know if it is and I will keep everyone informed.

So this week has not been one of hot and steamy sex. Sadly, even my masturbating has been a little on the slack side. I have not felt like it except the odd quick orgasm for pure stress relief. My fantasies seem to be on hold along with the rest of me, just waiting for Mac to come home. He finds that odd and feels that since He is not here I should be fantasising more but without Him here there seems to be little point in getting myself worked up.

It kind of makes me wonder what He is thinking about though, because if He thinks I should be masturbating more, doesn't that mean He is?

I will have to ask Him when He gets home.

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