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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Sometimes things don't happen as they should. Sometimes there is no one to blame. Even though I know this, I get angry and frustrated when I don't get my own way. I can be quite the spoilt little princess at times. Mac thinks it is funny. Sometimes.

I was lying in bed yesterday afternoon, just resting. It was getting close to time to leave for another physio session and I wasn't exactly looking forward to it. I was tired and didn't really want to go out. I would have preferred just to stay in bed and sleep but I knew I had to go. Mac ambled in about 30 minutes before we would need to leave.

"I wondered if you would like me to come to bed for a few minutes." He said. "Just long enough for us to come once each."
I smiled at Him and pointed out that we had already come once each that morning.
"Ok, again." He said.

I patted the bed beside me and He climbed in and wrapped His arms around me. We kissed, more than once, and His hand slid down between my legs. I could feel His hardness against my thigh. I shifted my leg to press against it and raised my hips to press against His fingers. And the phone rang. He sighed and I held onto Him a moment then let Him go. He had taken a day and a half off already to be with me and He was taking the afternoon off to take me to physio again. I couldn't ask Him not to answer the phone, He had to, and we both knew that.

"I will be as quick as I can." He said and kissed me on the cheek before climbing out of bed.

I waited there for about 20 minutes while I listened to Him try and deal with something I had no clue about. I knew it was important from the frown on His face and I also knew that we had run out of time at least ten minutes ago. I climbed out of bed and got myself ready to go.

Mac didn't get off the phone until we were climbing into the car.

"Well that was a triumph!" He said. "Probably just as well too much sex is bad for you."
"I guess so." I said shrugging.
Mac sighed then looked at me. "Is there such a thing as blue balls?" He asked.
I sighed and shrugged.
"I am sorry babe." He said. "I really wanted you then."
"It's no ones fault. I just wish You weren't so indispensable at work."
"Stop grizzling." He chuckled.
"No, I am tired and I am sick and I wanted to spend time with you. It sucked."
"Well your male didn't love or lust you any the less. I know you wanted to please me and you did just by wanting to, if that makes sense."
"Pffft, please you? I just wanted to get myself off. You think it was about You?" I asked rather obnoxiously.
He gave me a look. I stuck my tongue out at Him.
"And you get yourself off how?" He asked.
"By getting You off." I sighed.
"Uh huh." He grinned smugly.
"Oh hush." I said and folded my arms across my chest. We stopped at a traffic light.
"C'mere you." He said and I half hugged Him from my seat. "Are you still mine? Body, heart and soul?" He asked.
"Yeah." I said. "At least until some gravely voiced hustler without a mobile phone comes along."
Mac threw back His head and laughed. "Bitch." He said. I grinned and kissed His cheek. The light changed. "When said gravely voiced hustler without a mobile phone appears, He can't have you, just so you know."
I screwed up my nose, He grinned.
"What are You grinning at?"
"You, trying to be pissy and not smile."
"Oh I can smile AND be pissy."
"Doesn't matter. You still belong totally to me and you will only fuck some hustler if I allow it!"
"Don't allow it. I don't want too."
"I won't, gorgeous creature. Gorgeous PISSY creature."
"It just feels wrong." I whined. "I feel like I let You down."
'No it doesn't. It feels like you were going to get off and couldn't." He grinned. "My phone was at fault, not you. I told you and I mean it from the heart Sarah, you wanted so much to please me, the fact that you were so eager to is enough. When will that get through to you?"
"It won't ever." I frowned. "Show me the semen!"
"Hush baby. I love you so much, you know. You are a sheer delight to me whether the phone gets between us or not. A delight."
"Thank you," I said. Then I whispered, "Still want the semen."
"Me too." He whispered back.
"SEE!" I said and Mac laughed again. I leaned over and kissed His cheek.
"Gosh," He said. "Every time you do that. Every time."
I smiled at Him. "I made You laugh, proper laughs, a couple of times. That's almost as good as making You come."
He shook His head in amazement. "I told you, you are a delight, even sick, frustrated and pissy."
"You make being sick, frustrated and pissy sound like a bad thing!" I said and laughed.
"Well, thing is, even sick, you still want my pleasure. When you know my cock is hard and my balls full you are frantic to deal with it. It's not even that sexual for you, just something you are driven to do. Maybe it's the old 'if I don't some fucking bitchslut will' but whatever, it is a drive you can't control. It's you and its just one of the things that makes you a delight to your man."
"I don't even bother trying to control it anymore." I sighed.
"Don't try." He said. "We both love it. Why fight it?"
"Ok." I said and I leaned over and kissed Him again.
"Feel better?" He asked. I nodded. "Good." He said.

So sometimes when it doesn't happen like you think it should, you have to remember that laughter is almost just as good even if it is not quite the same.

Sometimes I need to remind myself of that.

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