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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Christ. I must be ovulating. Mac must be able to smell it on me. I am not sure which of us is worse at keeping our hands to ourselves. Seems all we want to do is fuck. And then fuck again. I am exhausted, Mac is sore and still, I can't help but think of making Him come again. It will have to be gently, with my mouth. He doesn't seem to be thinking about pushing me away.

My sister called earlier and asked how Mac's trip was. I told her it was good. I think it was good. Our conversations have hardly consisted of anything in depth. More single words or short phrases meant to turn us on. Insatiable slut has been used a lot by both of us. I am not sure which of us it is more appropriate for.

And the more we fuck, the rougher it gets and the hungrier for each other it seems to make us. God I love it when the sex is like this. I can't get enough. Mac seems determined to make me beg for it to stop. All I can do is ask for more. Poor Mac. By the time this lust abates, He may not be able to walk.

God. I don't just want Him. My fingers ache with the need. It is tearing me apart inside. It is deep down inside of me and I can't sate it. It won't be satisfied. It is driving me insane. I wish I could scratch it from my skin, from His skin. I want to roar with it. It is a very primal need.

More, Mac. More.

Fuck me?


Posted by Sarah McBroden at 1:08 pm

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