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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I have issues with oral sex. Always have had. I have even on occasion denied a man I was involved with oral sex. It is the only sex act that I have ever done that with. In fact, I have only ever had oral sex with three men. Receiving it, I mean. I have no problem giving it. I always think it is strange that I have never refused to suck a partner's cock, but I have completely refused to let them lick me.

Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy it. Of course I do. There are things that tongues can do that no fingers will ever be able to duplicate. It is just so different and delicious that I have to enjoy it. It is so wicked that just the thought of it turns me on. But I have to really trust the man, have to know that it is ok to relax and enjoy it, or I panic and just can't let him anywhere near. Why? Because sometimes you just know that someone will stop loving you if you ask too much of them and you can never be sure when it will be too much. It was a lesson I learnt well as a child.

So even if they wanted to lick me down there, even if they asked to, I knew that it was too much for them to give, much more than I deserved, and I knew that they would resent me for it so I would close my legs tight and go completely and utterly cold until they gave up and stopped trying.

When I told Mac about this, He didn't seem quite sure if He should frown or smile. He had already been down there on a number of occasions and was surprised to find out that I had an issue with it. I had never balked when He was there. It was different with Mac though. I guess because He never asked, never faltered, just took what He thought of as His to take, and I didn't want to deny Him anything. Mac wasn't doing it for me, He was doing it because He wanted to and I have never stopped Him from doing anything He wanted. There may have been an occasion or two when He has stopped Himself from doing something because of me, but I have never asked Him too. He told me that I would not deny Him this. He said that He would tell me that He wanted it and I would fucking give it to Him and I would like it, or He would be having words with my mother and pretty damn quick.

And when I had recovered from choking on my drink I told Him that I wasn't saying this because I intended on denying Him, I was only telling Him because it would never be something that I asked for, suggested in any way shape or form or encouraged Him to do.

"That's ok." He said shrugging. "You won't have to. If I decide you are going to be licked, you will be licked. And loved."

So Saturday morning when He was kneeling up on the bed and my leg was resting against His shoulder, I could lie back and relax because I had no choice in the matter. Mac was going to do as He liked and I was going to like it too. He kissed the instep of my foot and licked my ankle and chuckled at me when I squirmed. He licked the back of my knee and kissed my inner thigh and my legs were open, my pussy His to enjoy.

He took His time exploring it with His tongue and my only thought was to hold my orgasm off long enough so that He wouldn't think I was a decadent little slut. It didn't work. I came quickly and Mac moved His lips to my clitoris and sucked.

I tried to move away from Him, the sensation way too intense but Mac wrapped His arms around my thighs and pulled me onto Him. I called Him names. He ignored me and sucked some more until I came again.

Then He let up. He moved His mouth to the side and bite/sucked the skin that joins my leg to my groin. The contracting of my pussy slowed enough for me to be almost able to catch my breath. But before I was even close to getting back to normalcy Mac opened me with His hands and licked the juices that my orgasms had spilt. He made me come again. And again. And again. I lost count. I don't think He cared how many it was. He was too busy making me writhe about the bed.

Then He did something beautiful, something that always amazes me, He quickly shifted back onto His knees and before He even got His hand to His cock, it was already spurting over me. He was coming from giving me oral sex. God, I love that Man.

I sat up quickly and took the end of His orgasm, making the last of His semen spurt onto my tits. I leaned forward and took Him into my mouth, closing my lips over the head and sucking on Him gently until I was sure He was done. I looked up at Him with all the love and adoration that a woman that has endured countless orgasms can muster and He smiled at me and brought His lips down to mine and we kissed.

Then He collapsed on the bed beside me and I giggled at His sudden exhaustion and I held His face and softly licked it clean.

And later, as we explored the little town together, I noticed Mac was quiet, a little pensive, perhaps. I wondered what was bothering Him. I asked and He had the grace to look a little sheepish.

"I was just thinking that if I had a clitoris, I would never leave the house." He said. "How many orgasms can you have before something breaks?"
I giggled. "I don't know. But if You want, when we get back to the room we can find out."

He shook His head at me then raised my hand that He was holding and kissed each of my fingers entwined in His.

"I love you, girl." He said matter-of-factly and I dropped His hand and threw my arms around His neck. I clung to Him like my life depended on it. We were in the middle of the street. I didn't care.
"I love You too." I said and He held me just as tightly.
"I know baby." He whispered. "I know."

Sometimes when I am with Him I know that I can overcome any fear.

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