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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Mac, arrogant bastard that He is, has been so wonderful these past few days, really wonderful. He has not been worried at all about my fretting over Nicholas. He knows without a single doubt that I wouldn't leave Him so has been quite happy to be my support. He told me I could talk to Him about any of it and we have talked about it a lot. You guys got the condensed version, Mac had to sit through it all. He even promised not to try and fix it, after I explained that I didn't need Him to fix it, I just needed Him to listen. The only comment that He made at the end of it all was that He felt sorry for us both and that we were both to blame. I love Mac so very very much.

Yesterday I went into His office at lunchtime. I was feeling a little lonely and I just wanted to be near to Him. He didn't get all growly at me like He could have. He knows I wont make a habit of it, but He knew I just needed a little bit of His time and He wasn't flat out busy so He took some time to be with me. I sat across the other side of His desk and we laughed together about our exes and our old friends and the things that we all got up to back then.

I was teasing Mac, doing all girlish things like licking my lips, showing off my cleavage, playing with my hair and crossing my legs. He told me that there could be no sex because there were visitors in the office and getting caught was too high risk, so I teased Him some more. He said I was being such a little tart. I asked if it was working and said yes and I smiled at Him smugly. He shook His head at me.

Then I had to leave because He was at work and did have things to do and I had taken up more of His time than I should have and He came around the desk to kiss me goodbye. He held me close and I could feel His erection pressing into my tummy and I couldn't help but run my fingers over it. I started to undo His pants and He told me no, so I backed away from Him. He damned me and told me His cock was throbbing and I looked up at Him and I said that I was sorry, that I had just wanted to make Him come. And I would have let it go, I wouldn't have made another move on Him, only, He groaned. I had no choice then.

"Just this once," I whispered as my fingers went to His pants again.
"We shouldn't..." His voice trailed off as my tongue snuck into His mouth.

Within moments I was up against the wall, facing it and Mac was peeling down my panties. I don't know whether it was the chance of getting caught or the right time in my cycle or Jupiter had aligned with Mars, but when He entered me I was just so slick and ready for Him that He slid in perfectly. I could feel it, all of it, His cock straining to open me, my vaginal walls separating to let Him in, the pressure as my muscles contracted and relaxed to mould to Him. God god god, it was so damn good. He made me feel so satisfyingly full. And He was groaning, grunting, trying to speak to me but the words kept catching in His throat.

"Sarah," He finally gasped, "you have to learn that sometimes you just cant have my cock." And He was sliding it in and out of me and it was just so fucking hot. I couldn't answer Him because I was loving every second of it and I thought 'yes, this will teach me not to try.'

Then I was coming and He was coming and we were both trying to be quiet and neither of us did it very well. He left His cock inside me after He had finished and He reached around me and touched my clitoris.

"Fuck," He whispered, "It is so swollen and hot down here." Then He made me come again because He likes it when I come on His softening cock. He likes the way my pussy sucks at Him. It turned Him on again and He pulled away from me.

He spoke and I could hear the lust still in His voice.

"Enough." He said. And when I tried to get close to Him again because I still wanted Him, He shook His head. "Enough." He said again.

I nodded and when He had put His cock away and knew I would behave He pulled me close and covered my mouth with His and kissed me long and slow. He is just so utterly delicious to kiss. Then He told me to get out because He had to work.

I grinned at Him and tided myself up and walked to the door. He asked me what I was doing with the rest of the afternoon and I told Him I had an appointment to see the Bishop about the wedding. He almost believed me for a moment. He called me a smartass and shook His head. I giggled and I ran to Him and kissed Him again and told Him we were hopeless, utterly hopeless at keeping our hands to ourselves.

"I kinda like how we are." He said.
"Me too." I said.

He walked me to my car.

I got the feeling that He didn't want to let me go.

I am keeping Him forever.

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