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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Mac came home last night. If I didn't know it by the body still warm and sleeping in my bed, then I would know it from the smell of Him leaking from me and the bite/suck bruises on my neck. It is just so delicious to have Him home. I hardly slept. I was too busy watching Him.

He didn't waste any time on conversation when He got here. He had just managed to drop His bags on the floor when I leapt into His arms. Luckily, He caught me and after smothering me with a hug, His lips found mine and we just kissed for a long time.

I had put my hair up in a ponytail yesterday morning. It is getting quite long and while I am painting it tends to get in the way. Mac prefers it out, always has, so when He put His hand behind my head to pull my mouth harder on to His, He growled. He pulled on the elastic and tossed it away then tangled His fingers in my hair. I suddenly realised that even if I wanted to, I wasn't going anywhere. The kiss got harder and I started to whimper into His mouth. He didn't stop, had no intention to. He turned me and pushed me back against the wall. His lips left mine long enough for me to gasp out 'Mac' then He covered my mouth with His again and whatever I was going to say just disappeared.

I felt Him trying to undo His pants and He slapped my hands away when I tried to help. All I could do was put my hands on His shoulders and hold onto Him. He freed His cock then pulled up my skirt. I tried to move my legs together so He could pull my panties down but He just grabbed my hips and moved me up the wall. I wrapped my legs around His waist. He pulled my panties to the side and shoved His cock into me. I held onto Him the best I could. He didn't stop, just kept shoving Himself into me over and over again. My panties were digging into my thigh. He was using me so hard that it hurt. I bit my lip to keep from crying out.

Mac was sucking blood to the surface of my neck. My fingernails dug into His shoulders. I felt His teeth nip at my skin.

"Bastard." I spat at Him. "You Bastard." My fingers tangled in the hair just above the back of His neck. "Harder." I pushed His head onto me. "Harder, You Bastard." I hissed.

Then that magic moment happened, that tiny moment in time when He has reached the point of no return, when His orgasm is coming no matter what, but hasn't quite arrived. His body tensed, His breath caught and I hissed out a 'yes' because right then, this Bastard was utterly and completely mine. Nothing else existed for Him except me. Then He was there, pushing back into me, having my orgasm, the one that I had given Him. Or perhaps more correctly, He had taken from me. Didn't matter, either way, it was mine and Him having it made Him mine. I owned Him.

He relaxed, just a little, just enough to let me know that it was my turn to take care of Him. I stroked His hair and gave Him tiny gentle kisses and let my muscles in my pussy caress His softening cock. He held me up until His cock slid from inside of me. Then I unhooked my legs and lowered my feet to the floor. Mac was slumped, exhausted and spent, His head leaning against the wall. I quietly slipped onto my knees and carefully took His cock into my mouth. He reached down and stroked my hair.

"Hey pretty girl." He said.
I looked up at Him and smiled. I let His cock slip from my mouth. "Bastard." I whispered and gently tucked His cock back into His pants.

I got up off the floor and led Him up the stairs. I undressed Him and tucked Him into bed. Then I went downstairs to get Him some juice and turn off all the lights.

When I went back upstairs He had recovered a little more and sat up to have the drink I had brought to Him. He watched me while I undressed and I did it properly, making sure I needed to bend over so He could see the way my thighs glistened and how His semen was leaking from me.

He asked if I wanted to hear about His trip as I climbed into bed beside Him and I agreed, even though I had no intention of really listening. I had other plans. I was nowhere near finished with Him. The bed had clean sheets. It is a tradition to make them dirty.

I snuggled into His chest and my hand immediately slid down to play with His tummy. It didn't stay there long and not much longer after that my mouth was following my hand. Mac tried His best to keep talking but His voice kept catching and He kept forgetting what He was going to say next so He abandoned His story and just came. I swallowed and grinned up at Him from under the sheets. He called me a little witch and admonished me for looking so smug, like the cat that got the cream. I couldn't help it. I was so happy.

He ordered me up the top of the bed and I smiled at Him as I crawled up His body. He flipped me onto my back beside Him and He kissed me softly. We lay there watching each other for a while.

"Look at you," He whispered. "I fuck you like a whore and you will do anything for me." I smiled at Him. What could I say to that? It was the truth. I would have done anything, everything for Him from the moment He pushed me up against the wall.

Then He couldn't seem to keep His eyes open and I kissed Him and told Him to go to sleep. I played with His hair and kissed Him again. He dropped off almost instantly. I just kept on watching Him. I might have dozed, I don't remember, but suddenly I was overwhelmed with the desire to taste Him again.

I licked His tummy, I licked the inside of His thighs, I managed to wedge myself between His legs and I licked His balls and beneath them. I licked His cock and slowly, very slowly, it came awake. I held it carefully between my lips and ran my tongue back and forwards across the head. I sucked Him in. I nuzzled at Him and I kissed Him. I murmured how much I love His cock, adore His cock and how much I wanted Him to come in my mouth again. Suddenly His hand grabbed my hair and my mouth was forced down hard. I choked and gagged. He didn't let me go. He spurted into my throat. I spluttered and choked some more. Semen sprayed from my mouth all over Him. He finally let me go.

I looked up at Him but His eyes were already closed.

'For Christ sake Sarah, go to sleep." He said.

So I climbed back up the bed. And I tried. I really tried. I closed my eyes and for a while I actually did sleep. But then I woke and He was so warm and He smelt so yummy and I just wanted one more, only one more, and I thought perhaps there was semen on Him that I had left there before. I slid back down the bed again.

It wasn't long before He was growling at me and ordering me back up to Him. He hadn't come and I was disappointed, but instead of ordering me to sleep, He positioned me over His cock. I fucked Him, sitting over Him. He pressed a finger to my clitoris. I dug my nails into His chest when I came. He came again. When I laid down beside Him, He pinned me to the bed beneath His arm and leg.

"Don't wake me again and I promise I will fuck you tomorrow." He said. It was 4am.
"Ok." I said meekly, somewhat chastised. I finally, properly went to sleep. I haven't had the heart to wake my little sleeping bastard yet. I bet when I do, He complains that His tummy is sore. He came so much I am sure something must be bruised.

I do love having Him home.

I think I am going to go back to bed.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 8:54 am

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