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Friday, May 27, 2005

Mac is away right now, so sex is purely solo and done mainly for tension relief. I am having a bit of a mental blank when it comes to writing, but yesterday I did remember that the first erotic thing I had ever written was about self pleasure and I went looking for it. I found it in an old email account waiting for me quietly. It was written long before I belonged to Mac, before the ex even. I wrote it for the first guy I messed around with at university. We never ended up actually fucking. We just felt each other up a bit and pretty much drove each other nuts with lust.

Yesterday I giggled at it. I remembered when I wrote it, it was so dirty and naughty that it took all the courage I had to actually send it to him. Now I think it is rather naive and sweet. I thought since I have nothing new to write about, I would share it here.

I can't get you out of my brain, baby. I was sitting on the edge of my bed after my shower, and all I could think about was you being here with me. I could see my body in the mirror, and I felt so hot. I opened my legs and could see my pussy getting wet. I imagined you there watching me and I had to touch myself. I felt your eyes on me as I slid my finger down between my legs and into my pussy. I was so wet. I could see my pussy lips swelling and getting redder as I moved my finger to my clitoris. My nipples hardened as I watched my fingers stroke my clitoris, slowly teasing it. My body was flushed all over, my eyes wide. I rubbed my nipples in rhythm to the stroking of my clitoris making small circles around each one. I felt so tense with pleasure. I kept thinking of you watching me. I was so hot. I started to stroke all along my pussy, my fingers sliding in my juices all along the lips and into me then back to my clitoris. My breathing became faster as I watched my pussy contract in pleasure. I felt so beautiful as I played with myself. I felt my body building to an orgasm and as I came I pushed two fingers inside myself so I could feel how hard I contracted as I watched in the mirror. My whole body spasmed as I called out your name. I took my fingers from my pussy and licked my juices off them wishing it was you tasting me.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 7:18 am

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