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Monday, May 23, 2005

Usually when I write a piece like this I am angry and my anger shows through. Not this time. This time I am just so saddened by it all that I can't summon my anger to the fore.

When I first saw the words 'female supremacy' I had a warning tingle in my spine that lead me to believe that maybe I shouldn't look. Not because I am a female in submission to a male, though it probably played a small part. I am intelligent enough to realise the world is made up of many different people, submissive females, dominant males, submissive males, dominant females, males and females that live on the same level, no submission or dominance required. I say whatever works for you is good enough and you should grasp it with both hands, so long as you are not hurting someone else.

And that's the clincher, isn't it? The 'not hurting someone else' because while we have the right to live our lives the way we want, we have the responsibility not to infringe on the rights of others. We have no right to enforce our desires on someone else. And that word 'supremacy' automatically brings up images of all the people in the world who have forgotten about their responsibilities in their fight to have their desires met.

Still I clicked on the link, thinking it wont be all that bad and I was wrong, it was that bad. What I read made me cringe. Then I did a search because surely this was the only one, there couldn't be others out there encouraging this and I was wrong again. There are others, quite a few. Enough to make me shudder and after reading through some more I had to shut it down and walk away.

It wasn't because of the way these women want to live, if you want to dominate a man and have him treat you as his goddess and make him serve you and let you beat him and treat him as a slave, as long as he is willing, then go for it. Sure it isn't my cup of tea, but heck, neither is golden showers, but I can understand what people get out of it, even if I do not want to experience it myself. It wasn't because the men are submissive. I will be honest and say that they do nothing for me, just as I doubt a submissive woman would be attractive to them. But I kind of get a kick out of seeing what submissive men and I have in common, if anything. Not many of them write. I would like to see more.

It was the way these women think that this is the only relationship worth having and that the rest of us are fooling ourselves if we think otherwise. They claim that all men wish to be treated this way even if they are unable to say it and that by dominating them we are releasing men from the constraints of our society. They seem to think that in time, women will rule the world and men will serve as our slaves. As far as I am concerned this makes them no better than the men that tried to keep women from being educated, no better than the people that believe in apartheid and no better than those that believe in ethnic cleansing. It is all garbage. There is no superiority in race, sex, birthright or religion, each and every subsection you divide the human race up into will have its good and its bad, its strengths and its weaknesses and we will only have a peaceful world when we learn to accept that this is the way it is. There isnt one right way that everyone has to follow, all you can do is find your way and accept that others will have theirs.

There were some things that really stood out for me and I am going to address some of them here.

These women say that orgasm denial is an excellent way to control the male in your life. Men should only be allowed to orgasm when and if the supreme woman sees fit. Apparently a male that is sexually satisfied will not serve his Goddess properly.

As soon as you start using sex as a weapon, you become no better than a rapist. It is no longer about sex, it is about power which we know rape is all about. I am in no way belittling the trauma of rape here. It is a brutal thing that I wish no one ever had to go through. But as soon as you start using sex to control a relationship in any way that is not agreed upon, it ceases to be sex and becomes, at the very least, abuse.

They also say that intercourse should be avoided, that blowjobs are reprehensible and they hope that the practise dies out in the next generation. If you are allowing a man to orgasm it should only be at the use of his own hand. He should never be allowed to orgasm inside a female. They claim that this is the natural order and balance of things.

Yet if it is the natural order and balance, then how are we meant to procreate? Through artificial insemination? Through divine intervention? Heaven forbid that we use our bodies the way that they were made to be used. Apparently that would be going against the 'natural order' for goodness sake.

And if you truly believe that your partner is a 'worm', 'slime' and unfit to shine your shoes, if you really believe it to be true, then it is only yourself you are selling short. Perhaps you would be better off with someone closer to your equal, a stronger man, a stronger woman, someone you can respect and don't feel a need to look down upon. You should love a person for who they are, not punish them for it. Love is supposed to be about making each other feel good, not making one of you feel bad.

I could keep going, picking apart little examples, but I shan't because this is already more attention than this deserves. One more thing I would like to add is that my next generation will grow in a household of love and understanding. They will pick up on the way things are around our house because Mac and I will not try and hide it. They will know that Mac and I frustrate and exasperate each other and we adore each other beyond compare. They will learn that love is not a hateful thing and that desire is not a weapon to be used against each other. They will see it, they will perceive it, they will know. No son of mine will ever be taught that he is no better than a worm and no daughter will be taught to disrespect the person that she loves. I refuse to be a part of that in any way.

And as long as there are people like Mac and I around to teach the children about love and respect, female supremacists, male supremacists, white supremacists, black supremacists, religious supremacists, purple supremacists, polka-dot supremacists, etc, etc, etc, these people will never succeed.

Still, they sadden me. They really do.

How much more hatred can our world take?

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 7:29 am

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