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Friday, May 06, 2005

We had a fight. Well, actually it was more of a misunderstanding and it was probably inevitable given time apart and the tiredness from fucking constantly. People actually have to talk to reconnect. (Go figure.) We hadn't bothered with it. I mean I knew it would come eventually, so neither of us worried about not stopping to talk. We just kind of slept and ate and fucked for a day and a half while trying to both get back into the same sleeping pattern again.

Then yesterday afternoon, my sister rang back and asked to pick up one of her children from school. She already had two at home with fevers and sore throats and apparently this one had come down with it too. She didn't want to drag the two already sick out to get child number three so she asked if I would get him for her. I said I would. Mac was napping at the time and I didn't want to disturb Him so I left Him a smartass note about needing to go out.

By the time I got back Mac had woken and upon reading my smartass note He had written a smartass reply. Then He had headed off to the office to see how much work there was to do. I read the note and immediately I got upset. I didn't take His reply as a joke. I thought it was unfair that I was copping a smack in the mouth for being a smartass when the whole time He was gone I had behaved myself so damn well. I had been a good girl even though I had wanted to throw tantrums and Mac knew that it had not been easy for me.

And being a smartass is allowed in our house. In fact, it is encouraged between us. He has never wanted me to be His doormat. Cheekiness is never frowned upon unless I do it inappropriately. (I can't even think of the last time that happened.) Mac might sigh dejectedly or scowl and pretend to be mad but I know He doesn't mean it and I usually climb into His lap and kiss His cheek. He may even threaten a spanking if I keep it up. I usually turn around and offer up my bum while saying 'yes please' and nodding enthusiastically. He just shakes His head at me.

So I was upset, hurt and angry and of course I didn't do anything about it straight away. Instead I sat in my room for a while and let it stew. The more I thought about it the more upset I became until finally, I was so upset that I called Him, ready to cop whatever He had in store for me and to give it back too.

"Hello gorgeous." He said when He came on the line. It immediately put me on the back foot. I expected Him to be growly and grumbley and He was sweet instead. I did not know how to react to that.

I said hello and He knew straight away something was wrong. I told Him how I had read His note and that I thought it was unfair.

"I was only teasing you." He said.

So I had wasted all that time and effort on being upset when I could have just laughed and tossed the note into the bin, or better still, given Him more lip back. I sort of grumbled a little that I didn't think it was funny, but I had already lost any steam I had. Mac said that He would be home again soon and perhaps when He got here we should actually try to sit down and talk. I agreed that it was probably overdue.

"But Babe?" I said. "Would it be ok if we fucked, just a little bit, first?"

He laughed at me, but He didn't say no.

Last night we found the time to do both.

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