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Monday, May 16, 2005

We went away on Friday, just packed a couple of bags and ran off for the weekend. There wasn't much to do where we went, but that was ok, all we really wanted to do was eat and sleep and read and have sex. (Not in that particular order or priority.) It was nice and relaxing.

We stayed at a bed and breakfast type place where the bed was big and comfortable, the room big but cosy, the breakfast hot and full of cholesterol and the hostess a little old lady that smiled a lot and laughed a lot and had a healthy happy glow about her. Mac flirted with her mercilessly and she flirted right back with Him. She told Him that He was the cheekiest young man she had ever met and slipped more bacon on His plate when no one was looking. It was sweet.

On Friday night after we had been out to dinner we came back to find another couple in the drawing room. They were a little older than us, probably by about ten years and much to everyone's dismay the wife took an instant liking to Mac. Now Mac is an awful flirt, He usually can't help Himself, but it always bothers Him when someone else's woman starts to throw herself at Him while her man is there. He thinks it is disrespectful and would hate it if it were done to Him so He is always so very careful when He sees it happening.

She was all over Mac, throwing herself at Him both physically and verbally and neither her husband nor I were able to get a word in edgeways. Mac was trying to be as discouraging as politeness would allow and she just didn't seem to be getting the message. It was getting uncomfortable for everyone except the wife who had perhaps had a little too much wine with dinner and had little awareness of anyone else. The husband became pissy and moved himself to the other side of the room and I watched this all happening and realised that they were heading for a huge fight back in their room. So I did what any sensible woman would do and I let her have Mac all to herself. I went over to the husband and sat with him. We started chatting about inane little things and before long he had said something that made me laugh and I put my hand on his forearm and giggled just a little too loud. The wife saw.

And nothing will bring a woman running back to her man like him having the complete attention of another woman. She almost flew across the room and dug her claws into his arm. Her message was loud and clear, he was her property and I was not to touch him again, so I did, just to make sure she wasn't going to let go. She watched me for the remainder of the time we were downstairs. I smiled at her man as often as I dared. I swear he gained an inch in ego. I think it did them both some good for me to have an interest in him. He wasn't Mac, but he was not an unattractive or uninteresting man and sometimes it takes another woman to make a woman see that. I caught Mac's eye and He winked at me. He knew what I was doing and didn't mind at all. His ego is big enough to cope with me enhancing someone else's.

When we said goodnight to the other couple I leaned over and softly kissed the husband's cheek and told him it was pleasure to meet him. He smiled at me and put his arm around his wife and said that it was a pleasure to meet us too. She looked at me in triumph and I smiled, obviously defeated and I followed Mac from the room. As soon as we were alone I couldn't help but grin. Mac was grinning too.

"You wicked girl." Mac said. "You handled that brilliantly.
"But Sir," I said blinking at Him innocently, "what did I do?"
He laughed. "You know perfectly well, little witch. That man is probably going to be well and truly fucked tonight."
"I certainly hope so," I giggled at Him. "They both looked liked they needed it." Mac laughed again then He kissed me and made my toes curl.

Then I got well and truly fucked as well.

We had a really wonderful weekend.

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