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Saturday, May 21, 2005

Yesterday when Mac arrived home I went to Him and curled up in His lap. He didn't seem to mind. He was still mad busy and I knew I couldn't stay there long but when He asked if I was ok I just snuggled further into His chest and He didn't complain. I think He closed His eyes for a little while and rested while He played with my hair. When I started to squirm about a little, He asked what was wrong and in a quiet little voice, I told Him that I wanted to make Him come. He didn't say no so I assumed it was ok and I undid His pants and freed His cock.

I couldn't look up at Him and I didn't need to. I could tell the affect I was having on Him from the catching of His breath and the pulsing of His cock. I spat into my hand to make it slick and Mac growled in the back of His throat so I held His cock and let some spit dribble onto it, knowing that He likes that too. His hand grabbed my hair and pulled my head back and His lips came down hard on mine. My tongue tentatively wriggled its way into His mouth and He growled again. I knew that it was almost time.

When He let me go I slid off His lap to my knees on the floor. I pulled back on His cock to stretch the skin tight across the head and I let His cock part my lips. I only took Him in just far enough to slip over the bump of the head, then I let Him slide out again.

"Sarah. Oh god, Sarah." He moaned and I looked up at Him and smiled with my eyes then slid the head of His cock into my mouth again.

He came in hot spurts. I swallowed greedily while watching His face grimace in the pain of orgasm. He grabbed a handful of my hair, not to force me onto His cock or to pull me off, but just to hold me right there where I was. I didn't try to move, just let Him come into me. He seemed to keep spurting and shuddering for a long time. I swallowed it all.

He let go of my hair and caressed my cheek.

"Good girl." He whispered. "Good girl."

I climbed back up into His lap and He kissed my still hot mouth and He groaned at the taste of Himself. Then He snuggled me back into His chest and played with my hair for a little while longer before sending me to bed. He still had work to do. I kissed His cheek goodnight and He smiled at me. And for that moment, everything was just perfect again.

I know it will come back to us.

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