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Thursday, June 16, 2005

After I had calmed a little Mac sent me to clean up and I went to the bathroom and washed my face and took deep breaths until I had calmed some more. When I was ok I went back to Him and sat by His chair and read a book. He would reach down now and then to stroke my hair. I would smile up at Him when He did but most of the time He didn't even realise that He was doing it. I knew though, that He treasured my closeness. It was important to us both.

When His work was over for the morning He announced that we should go out for lunch. I grinned at Him because I liked the idea of being wicked in public with Him. He took me to the bedroom and chose a scrap of lacy white material that is supposed to be a thong and told me to put it on. I pulled it on under my skirt.

He never once let me slip out of His control. He held my hand or the back of my neck and directed me as we walked. He chose the chair I would sit in. I chose what I wanted to eat but He chose what I would have to drink and although He addressed me as Angel when other people were listening, He called me slut when we would not be overheard. He slid His hand up my skirt whenever He felt like it. I would open my legs a little wider when He did.

By the time lunch was over I having trouble drawing breath. I wanted Him so badly. He was enjoying my lack of control so much that He decided that we should see who was at the pub. I wasn't in a frame of mind to disagree, anything He wanted I would give Him. I would have followed Him anywhere.

We found some people we knew and it took mere minutes for Mac to piss someone off. I had blatantly lied on purpose knowing Mac would call me on it and He did, telling me that I was a lying little bitch and correcting me. One of the women at the table took offence at Mac calling me a bitch even though I was grinning openly at Him.

"You don't understand," He said to her calmly, "she is mine and I will call her whatever I chose to call her." He looked at me. "Sarah? Are you my bitch?"
I think it is the closest I have ever come to reaching orgasm without being touched. "Always." I said.
Mac smiled at me and looked back at the woman and shrugged. "Guess that settles that then." He said and turned His back on her. I almost came again.

And later when I was telling everyone that Mac had the sensitivity of a house brick, one of the men told Mac that if He didn't at least fake being sensitive, no woman would want to sleep with Him. I laughed and told the man that I would.

"God," he said, "I have been looking for a woman like you. Come here."
I looked to Mac, not sure what to say. Mac shrugged. "You are too sensitive for her." He said to the man. We grinned at each other while everyone laughed.

And later still I went to the ladies and while in there I sent Him a text message telling Him that my thong was soaked and that my one regret was that it wasn't from His spunk leaking from me. When I came back out He told me it was time to leave.

In the car He made me spread my legs so He could feel how wet my thong was. He felt all over my pussy, pushing fingers into the folds and inside of me.

"So," He said when He was satisfied that I was violated enough, "you wish that I had spunked your cunt?"
"Yes." I said. "Then I would have been able to sneak tastes of You all day."
"Would you like me to take you home and spunk inside your cunt now?"
"Nah." I shrugged. "You took too long. I am not in the mood anymore."
He laughed. "Should I believe that?"
"I wouldn't." I said.
"Ok, I won't then. But you will pay for that when we get home."
"Is that a promise?" I asked.
"Sassy bitch." He said. "You will pay for that too."
I just grinned.

When we got home I calmly got out of the car and walked to the door and as soon as Mac had unlocked it, I ran, knowing He would be coming after me. He chased me up the stairs and I made it as far as the bedroom door before He caught me and picked me up off the floor and threw me on the bed. I tried to scoot away from Him but He was too fast, grabbing my ankle and pulling me back, forcing my skirt to ride up beneath me. He slapped my legs apart and then His mouth was on my cunt again, and His fingers were pulling the thong aside and His tongue was inside me and instead of trying to get away I was pushing my hips up into His face and holding His head onto me. I came almost immediately. He climbed over me and shoved His cock inside me before my orgasm had finished. The thong dug into me and probably into Him as well. We both ignored it. He pushed into me again and again and I pushed against Him and then He came and I held Him as tight as I could with my arms and my legs and the muscles in my cunt.

He didn't stop moving through His orgasm, tiny little pushes into me designed to keep His cock erect. I licked His lips and when He opened His mouth to me I pushed my tongue into it. He moaned into my mouth. I gently pulled His hair. He pushed His tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it and He stayed hard.

He told me to get my tits out and I struggled with undoing the buttons and lifting my bra while He was inside me. Then He pulled out and told me to turn over. I moved quickly to my hands and knees, pulling my shirt and bra off when I turned over. Mac moved behind me and pushed my skirt up and pulled my thong down just far enough to expose my ass. Then His cock was pressing against me and I was pushing back onto Him. He pushed into my ass until His balls were against my panties. I was gasping, begging Him to stop and to fill me further. He moved to lay over me and I accepted His weight. He made little thrusts into me with His hips and I grunted with each push. He bit at my neck and His fingers pinched my nipple, then moved to between my legs and circled my clitoris until I came again. He put more of His weight onto me and I gave up trying to stay on my knees, collapsing to the bed beneath me. He bit at my neck and I turned my head as far as I could so He could give me His tongue to suck. I reached up and stroked His cheek. All I wanted was to make Him feel as good as He possibly could. All I wanted was to please Him. I couldn't get enough of Him. There will never be enough of Him for me. He came in my ass, grunting and growling while His cock pulsed and spurted. I almost purred with delight.

He stayed inside me, letting my muscles clench on His cock while He softened. I told Him I loved Him. I told Him that He was the world to me, that He was everything I wanted, everything I needed. He kissed me gently and smoothed the hair from my face and told me that I would always belong to Him. When His cock slid from me He pulled my thong back up and told me to leave it on. I nodded that I understood and I held out my arms to Him. I needed to hold Him and be held by Him and He almost scooped me up in His arms. He made me feel so tiny and surrounded in His love and we kissed until both of us were too heavy with sleep to kiss anymore.

We slept for a couple of hours wrapped tightly around each other.

And when we woke things started to really get intense.

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