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Monday, June 13, 2005

I am sitting here on my own. Mac left early this morning and we are unsure of when we will be together again. But I don't want to talk about that yet. Instead I want to go back to Friday and over the next couple of days I will write here about each day of our weekend so that I can capture everything I have felt. I have already written about His arrival home and the silly old cows that tried to bring us down and the day that He loved me so gently, I thought I would burst with being filled with Him. I want this whole week recorded because this week, Mac and I have been exactly who we are. There has been no pretence, there has been nothing held back. We have meant everything we have said and said everything that we meant. I gave Him everything I had to give and He accepted it. He accepted me. But I am getting ahead of myself and I am not ready to do that. I need to start with Friday. Bear with me, please?

If I thought the gentleness of Thursday was going to follow us into Friday, I was mistaken again. Mac was back to being rough and I still carry marks to prove it.

He had been at work a couple of hours before I sent Him a text message asking if I was to shut up and behave myself today. His reply left me in no doubt that I was disturbing Him and then He suggested that His whore use His clips again. I sent another message back to Him asking if I was meant to use them in the same sequence as the day before and His reply told me that I was, and again that I was to shut the fuck up while He was busy. I looked at the clock and I knew immediately that I wouldn't be able to do it. It wouldn't just be hours before He was home it would be over half a day. I would be in agony before He got here. I decided that I would do it for as long as I could, then tell Him when it got too much. I knew that if I were truthful with Him, He would change the order. He knows I would not ask for it to be changed unless it was serious.

It was inside of the first hour that I heard Mac walk in the door. The clips were on my labia and it was not time to change them yet. I was still gingerly making my way down the hallway upstairs to find out why He was home when He stepped into the end of the hallway.

"You bitch." He hissed. "I was in a meeting and you text me demanding attention. Do you know what you did to my cock? How the fuck do you expect me to concentrate when all I can think is how much I want your cunt?"
I lowered my head more to hide the grin that had spread across my face then in shame. "I am sorry." I whispered.
"Sorry?" He spat. "Sorry doesn't cut it, girl. You will take care of my cock and you will do it fucking quickly. I told them that I left some papers here and they are waiting for me to bring them back so that the meeting can continue." He walked into the bedroom and I followed carefully. "Where are the clips?" He asked.
"On my labia." I said.
"Does it hurt?"
"Good." He said and started undressing. "Leave them on."

I did as I was told and Mac fucked me hard while the labia clips were in place. He pounded His body into mine. I could hardly breathe with the intensity of it.

"It hurts." I gasped. I was clinging to Him like my life depended on it.
"Do you want me to stop, bitch?" He hissed as He fucked me harder.
"No. God. No."
"You love it, don't you whore. Tell me you love it."
"I love it, Sir. I love it."
"Tell me you want more."
"Please, I want more."
"You horny little bitch. You always want more."
"Yes. More. Please. More."

And both of our orgasms were as hard and jagged as the sex was. Neither of us tried to move or speak for some time after we were done. We both just lay there trying to find our breath and our balance again. He held my hand. I held His. Then He went back into the office again. I was quiet for the rest of the day while Mac was at work. I knew I had pushed as far as I should and I needed some time to settle too.

That night we went out with friends. It was a wonderful night and we both had so much fun. Mac accidentally managed to catch the eye of a very pretty woman whom I think was hoping she would be invited back to His place for the night. She didn't seem to catch on that Mac was mine no matter how unsubtle either of us was. Or maybe she just didn't care. I didn't mind, I knew who He was taking home and although she made my tummy knot in jealousy once or five times, I didn't feel a need to gouge out her eyes. Besides while I was glaring at her quietly I managed to attract an admirer of my own and I saw just a hint of jealous lust in Mac's eyes even though I was not encouraging the guy. I was just being me. Seems that was what this guy liked and maybe that was worse for Mac. I have a feeling that Mac and I were glowing in being together. We were so happy and complete, so confident in each other that it radiated off us and we couldn't help but attract others. There were others, most more subtle than the two I mentioned above, but Mac and I both left a few disappointed people behind when we left together. There was no one there that either of us would have even considered leaving with. We just belonged together, more than ever before.

"You are my bitch." He hissed at me while I walked in front of Him to the car. He unlocked it as I approached my door and then He was behind me again, pressing me into the closed door before I could get my hand on the handle. His hands slid down the front of my dress and over my pussy. His teeth sank into my neck. I pressed back against Him and moaned, spreading my legs apart so that His fingers could move further between my legs even though we were standing too awkwardly for Him to reach. Instead His hands covered my breasts and I moaned again as my nipples were pinched. He didn't even have to do it hard to make my knees buckle. They were so sensitive from being clipped the day before.

"Turn around." He ordered and I turned inside His arms. He lifted the skirt of my dress and His fingers pried their way into my cunt. "You're wet." He hissed. "Is that for me or for that guy?"
"Christ," I gasped. "It's for You. It's all Yours. Always."

His mouth found my neck again and His fingers were violently fucking me. There was no gentleness to it. He was violating me. I dug my fingernails into His shoulders and whimpered as He drove His fingers into me again and again.

"Bare your breasts," He ordered and I somehow managed to undo the buttons on the bodice of my dress and pull my bra down to expose my tits. He moved His mouth towards my breasts and I held His face to stop Him.
"No. Please?" I gasped. His fingers were still fucking me. "They are so sore Baby. Please?"
"Shhh." He said. "Trust me." He looked into my eyes and I let go of His face. He leant forward and ever so gently licked my nipple. Then He blew on it. He moved to the other and did the same. I sobbed when I came and still it wasn't enough for Him. He made me come again and again before He was satisfied.

When He pulled His fingers from me He painted my juices across my face and I tried to capture His fingers in my mouth. He wouldn't allow me to and kissed me deeply instead. I pushed against Him again. He pulled away from me.

"God Sarah. I want to fuck you right now, but I want to take you home and fuck you properly."
"Do both." I said and reached for Him again.
"No." He said and stepped back. He looked at me and thinking about it now I must have been a mess, lips swollen, face glistening with my own come, tits out and marked with bite/suck marks both fresh and older, eyes filled with lust. I am not sure if I am embarrassed or proud. I must have looked like a wanton little slut. But I am His slut. I should look like that at times, I think. Mac seemed to agree.

He groaned but stood His ground and made me get into the car. I was awful once He was in the drivers seat. I kept touching Him. I needed to touch Him. I wanted His semen so badly. I would have raped Him while He was driving only He told me if I didn't stop He would make me wait even after we got home. I don't know if He would have carried through on the threat but it worried me that He might. I kept my hands to myself until we were inside the door, then I threw myself at Him again. We almost made it up the stairs. Almost. My ass ended up on the fourth or fifth stair up while He drove His cock into me. I am not sure how we managed it but god, it didn't take much from either of us and I was coming again and Mac was spurting inside of me. I doubt we lasted longer than two minutes and Mac was drained, utterly and totally drained and I knew that He would not come again that night. He made Himself wait to hold out for two minutes. I was not silly enough to point this out to Him. I just grinned quietly to myself.

"Shut up." He said.
"What?" I tried to look innocent.
"Just shut it." He said and I grinned some more and let Him help me up off the stairs.

We brushed our teeth and washed our faces and climbed into bed together and He pulled me close.

"Come here, Sarah." He said as He wrapped me in His arms. "I need to love you baby."
I snuggled into His chest. "I love You so much." I whispered.
"I love you too." He said. "Go to sleep baby."
"I love You." I said again.
"I love you."
"I love You."
"I love you. Sleep for me."

And I did.

And in all the time He and I have been together, since the 24th of August 2002 we have never had a more perfect day than that. At least up until then we never had. He was in every breath I took and in every thought I had. He was so much a part of me, so entwined with me that it didn't matter that we were not in the same place for much of the day. We made the time we had count so much that it overtook the time apart. I belonged to Him deeper than I ever had before. It is a day that I will have forever, just like Thursday, and Wednesday, and Tuesday. They were my days too. I am so glad that I can capture them here and I am so lucky that you all want to share them with me. I get to live these days with each of you and I can't tell you all how important that is to me.

This is who Mac and I are.

Thank you for wanting to share in us.

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