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Monday, June 20, 2005

I know I promised to answer the question about baring myself publicly and involving others in our lust, but I am kind of stuck on that. I am not sure what sort of thoughts the questioner is looking for. I think, if this helps, I look at it in terms of control and being out of control. I hand all of my trust over to Mac in those situations and assume He will keep me safe. He won't let anyone catch us, He won't let any harm come to us. He is in control at all times and although at times I know He is out of His mind to want to fuck right there and then, I trust Him enough to make the best choice for us and I give up my control to Him. I get lost completely in the lust and let Him worry about the consequences. It may not be the brightest thing I do, trusting a man whose main thought is the throbbing in His cock, but He has never gotten us caught yet.

Even though we were in public when He asked me to bare my breasts, we were up against the far side of the car, anyone coming out of the pub would have seen nothing more than two people leaning up against the car kissing, my back would have been towards them. There were only cars behind us so no one could approach us from that way unless there was someone sitting in their car in which case they could have opened a door or beeped a horn in complaint. No one did so I assume the cars were empty or at least the person/people in them appreciated the view.

As for how I feel about involving others, well, we have always involved others in our lust. I write about it here all the time so that you can share in it with us. I hold little back, am very open and honest here and I think I am right in saying that many people enjoy being involved in our lust. If I were to see two people such as Mac and I so obviously caught up in each other the way that we get, I would probably blush and get all hot and bothered and move on. If Mac were with me, I am sure we would stop and watch and touch and kiss and whisper to each other as the couple became more and more lost in each other. Mac would hold me tight against Him and feel my heart race and my breathing hasten as He asked if I had seen how hard the man's cock was and I would gasp and moan when I saw him enter her. And when they kissed, oh god, I just love it when people in lust kiss in that raw hungry devouring way, when they kiss so hard that there is no air left inside them and they have to gulp down oxygen every chance they get. Whew. Just thinking about kissing like that makes the temperature rise.

I know not everyone would want to be included in that and I know some people would be disgusted by it and so does Mac so we are pretty careful in our risk taking. We aren't doing it in the middle of a busy street. As I said anyone that saw us the other day would not have been immediately aware of what was going on unless they chose to get closer for a better look and if they want to get closer to see something they are disgusted in, then I have to question their disgust.

I am not sure if I answered it, but it was the best that I could do. If there is something particular I missed, let me know and I will have another go at it.

Speaking of public lust, I went to see Mr and Mrs Smith yesterday and without giving too much away, I enjoyed it. There was one scene, in the kitchen, when they were having sex and I sat there thinking my god, Mac and I do that. There was a rawness to it, a naked hunger that had me squirming in my seat and wishing to god I was going home to that. I need that type of sex, the ravenous kind where too much force is not enough and the biting, clawing, scratching, growling and grunting is used in an effort to get more. When you know that His cock entering you is going to make you both explode but that is ok because one, or two, or three or even four orgasms is only going to leave you both aching for more. I don't ever want to live without that passion in my life. It's how I feel. It's how I express myself. I won't ever stop loving Him that way.

And if He stops, well, I will just have to make Him feel it again.

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 9:05 am

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