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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Mac came home yesterday.

I thought about leaving the entry just as that. I am sure none of you want the details.

Then I thought that it would be teasing just a little too much.

So Mac came home and I was waiting for Him, anxious, excited, frustrated and ready. I thought about playing it cool when He walked in the door, but games have never been my strong point so I just threw myself at Him instead. He didn't seem to mind. He was rough, very rough, right from the first kiss. He devoured me and I whimpered under the intensity of it, then He pulled my hair back until I went down to my knees.

There was no need for questions or for encouragement. My hands went straight to the front of His pants and started to release His cock. His hand twisted in my hair and pulled back on it again so that I was looking up at Him.

"Cunt." He said and I smiled at Him through my lust. "What do you want, bitch?"
"I want Your cock." I whispered as I reached into His pants.
"Cock slut." He hissed. Then He slapped my cheek. "What makes you think you should have it, cum-whore?"
I looked up at Him, my cheek stinging, His cock throbbing in my hands and I could not think of anything to say. I could not think of one reason why He should let me have His cock. I was stunned. It hurt more than I can say.
"Fucking bitch." He growled. He slapped me again. My eyes filled with tears. "You tell me about other men you are thinking of and then expect me to want to give you my come? Tell me why I would want to fuck your slutty little mouth. Why should I even let you near my cock?"
"Because," I sobbed, "I belong to You. Even when You don't want me anymore. I am Yours."

He used my hair to pull my mouth onto His cock and He thrust it so deep into my throat that I gagged and choked. He didn't give me time to recover before He thrust it into me again. The next time He thrust into me I felt His cock spurt into my mouth. Then He pulled from me so I could finish Him over my face.

When He was done He pulled me from the floor and held onto me tight. He told me I was a good girl and He was full of loving me and lusting me and owning me. He told me I was His and I was so very precious to Him. I held onto Him and He stroked my hair and kissed the tears from my cheeks until my crying ceased. Then we took our time touching and kissing and talking about anything and everything until Mac was ready to come again and led me up the stairs to our bed.

He was still rough with me, biting my neck and tits while He fucked me hard but with each bite I held His head tighter to me and with each thrust I rose my hips up to meet Him. I couldn't get Him inside me far enough or hard enough and each time I came my hands gripped His ass and tried to fuck Him harder still. He tried to hold back but I wouldn't let Him slow and He came grunting and growling as His cock spilt.

"Whew" He said as He tucked me into His chest. "I am sated for now."
"That's ok." I was grinning. " You are Welsh. It won't be long before You want me again."
He chuckled at me and kissed the top of my head. "You are probably right." He said.

And I lay there and listened to His heart beat until I fell asleep.

I am going to love Him the absolute best that I can while He is here.

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