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Friday, June 24, 2005

Mac is home. If you could see me you may have guessed it from the content little smile on my face. God. It is just so good having Him here. Just knowing He is warming our bed is enough to send me into shivers. Oh. There it goes again.

We spent yesterday teasing each other with phone calls and texts until He arrived. I was wearing clips on my nipples as He had told me to do and within moments He had me back against the wall, my tits out, my dress pulled up and my panties down far enough for the head of His cock to just be touching my clitoris. He unclipped and sucked on my nipple while I jerked Him. Then He reapplied the clip before doing the same to the other nipple. It took me only moments of this to make me come. It took Him moments more. And god, He came buckets. There was so much semen all over my pussy. His balls must have been bursting before I got a hold of His cock. He said it was knowing that He was coming home to me that filled them. I grinned at Him.

He made me pull my panties up and leave them on. I whined. I whinged. I complained. Mac rightfully ignored it and ignored my squirming about and carrying on about not being able to get comfortable in squishy come-filled panties and made me lie on the bed with Him so we could talk.

We had a long talk about ownership and how it affects me. The tighter the control, the safer and more confident I feel. We talked about ways Mac could exert His control that would not take too much time from His day. We talked about how powerful it is for both of us to be reminded that I am His and how much confidence I feel when I am in no doubt of it and He gave me new rules that are in force until He says otherwise. Then we got up and He watched while I made Him something to eat.

While we were eating I complained that my panties were still wet and that all I could smell was His sex and when we had finished He made me bend over the table and He smeared my ass with our come and He fucked me there. It didn't take Him long to come again. Then He pulled up my panties and told me that as I had made His balls sticky I was to lick them clean and I sank to my knees and licked Him until I couldn't taste us on them anymore. I carefully tucked Him away and zipped Him up. He helped me up off my knees.

Later He was walking past the door to my room and He asked if my panties were still wet.

"Yes." I said a little sulkily.
"Good." He said and started to walk away.
"Arrogant selfish Bastard." I hissed under my breath.
"I love you." He called out as He continued down the hall.
"I wasn't expecting that." I called back to Him. "I adore You."
"Horny fucking bitch." He called from the top of the stairs.
"That's what I was expecting." I called back again.

I could hear Him laughing as He went down stairs. God, it is just so right when He is here. He was supposed to be gone much longer, but He decided that it wasn't good for either of us to be apart and He made the job fit into us instead.

So that's it for today.

Wait? What? You mean you want to know what the new rules are? Are you sure? Ok then. I will tell.

It's actually not all that different from what we were doing during 'the week' and it really is so simple that when Mac said it, we both sort of wondered why it hadn't been thought of before. Basically the rules are that if I leave the house without Mac, I will be wearing a clip either on my clitoris or my labia, or if my outfit permits it, on my nipples. If at any time the clip or clips become too uncomfortable for me to wear, I will come home and take them off. I am not to be out without at least one on.

I guess in some ways this is no different to the rule that I always have a chain around my neck and not much different to the engagement ring on my finger, they are just one more reminder that I belong to Him. Except of course this reminder has a tendency to become more noticeable the longer I have it on, where as the necklace and the ring I am quite used to wearing now. I notice them more when I forget to put them on. The clips, I will not forget.

I have to go out today.

I am already looking forward to/dreading it.

Somehow I think that is just how He wants it to be.

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