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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Sunday, god, how do I describe Sunday to you all? I guess I start at the beginning and hope you can feel some of it too.

I woke before Him. I had gone to bed early and I had no idea what time He had gotten home so I let Him sleep for a while. I watched Him. He always sleeps so innocently and He is beautiful to watch. I would have been quite happy to lie there and watch Him all day, only I wanted Him awake too.

He turned towards me in His sleep so I turned away from Him and pushed my ass back into Him. His arm slipped around me instinctively. He wasn't really awake enough to be doing anything on purpose. I wriggled my ass back against Him again and felt His cock stir.

"Mac, Sir?" I whispered.
"Mmmm?" He groaned sleepily.
"Would you like to spunk in Your girl's ass?" I wriggled back against Him again. "Your cock feels so thick and heavy. Your balls must be full. Spunk in my ass, Baby? Please?" I could feel His cock pulsing as it stiffened against me.
"You little slut." He murmured. "Do you want to spunk me?"
"Yes." I said rubbing myself against His cock.
"You want it so no other cunt can have it, don't you?"
"Yes." I said forcefully. "Your spunk belongs to me. It's mine."
"Then take my spunk, bitch." He demanded. "Satisfy your man."

He made no move to fuck my ass so I turned and slid down the bed until my mouth was at His cock. He accepted this without complaint. I sucked His cock until He chose to fuck my mouth but I could tell it wasn't going to make Him come fast enough to satisfy me.

I looked up at Him, a thick bridge of precum and spit joining my mouth to His cock until I spoke. "Mac, I want to tongue fuck Your ass. Please? Turn over?"

Mac didn't need more encouragement than that. He just rolled onto His hands and knees. I spat on His ass, spreading the cheeks with one hand while the other jerked His cock. When my tongue slid inside Him He grunted. Then I licked His hanging balls before tongue fucking His ass again.

"You dirty bitch." He hissed.
"I love You." I gurgled. "Come for me Baby."
"The word is not 'come' today, is it, whore?"
"Spunk for me Baby. Give me Your spunk." My tongue slid back into His ass again and His cock spurted onto the sheets then down His thigh. He grunted and groaned and I pushed a finger into His ass to force more spunk from His balls. He swore at me and I slid my head beneath Him to suck on the head of His cock. I didn't let Him go until He pushed me away from Him.

He rolled onto His back and tucked one of His feet behind the other knee so that He formed a triangle with His legs. The spunk-streaked thigh was the one curving out from His body. I wanted to scoop the semen up and push it inside of me. I stared at it glistening on His leg.

"Did you come?" He said and I looked at Him feeling a little startled. I had forgotten He was there. I wanted His semen. I shook my head. "Did you masturbate at all?"
I frowned and shook my head again. "I was concentrating on You. I just wanted to make You come. Spunk." I corrected quickly.
"Are you going to come today, Sarah?" He asked.
"I don't know." I said. "Maybe, probably. It will happen. I am sure. It's not important though." My eyes kept drifting back to the spunk on His thigh and on the bed. I wanted to taste it, play with it, rub it into my skin and make myself smell like His sex.

He was watching me and I kept looking back at Him and blushing, like He could see what I was thinking. He told me it was delicious that all I wanted was His spunk, that I was so greedy for it. My fingers snuck out to touch His leg.

"No," He said and I withdrew my hand. "If you want it from my leg, you have to get it with your cunt. Come here, Sarah." He held out His arms and I moved towards Him. He lowered me astride His leg and watched me while I rubbed my cunt along His thigh. I somehow think all I managed to do was smear His spunk and my juices along His leg, but He didn't complain. He called me a 'greedy little spunk slut' He grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth to His and He kissed me. I came while rubbing my clitoris against His leg. A part of me cringed at my desire to be so wanton, but I didn't let it win. I wanted it to just feel good.

"Mmmmm, Your delicious greedy little spunk slut" I said and I grinned.
"Yes," He said. "Absolutely delicious and all mine. Now lie down the other end of the bed and masturbate for me. I want to watch you." He said.

I smiled slyly at Him and turned around to crawl down the other end of the bed. I laid on my back and spread my legs open so He could see me and I scooped His spunk from the bed to rub into my cunt. He watched until I had gathered all the semen that I could then He moved down the bed and I spread myself open for Him. He put His mouth over my cunt and He sucked. His tongue wriggled as it searched for all of the spunk I had rubbed into me and I came again.

"Delicious." He said again. "You will make yourself available to me all day, Sarah. Whenever I require it, you will spunk me again. You will be ready for me, won't you?"
"Yes Sir." I answered.
"Is that what you want Sarah? To be used by me anytime I need to empty my balls? To be available to me anytime I want?"
"Yes Sir." I said again.
"Good girl." He said and He ordered me to start my day.

We ate breakfast together and then Mac had some emails He had to answer and I asked if it would be ok if I went for a walk. I have been walking most mornings. It helps me clear out my head and sort through the things that I need to think about. Mac said I could go, as long as I took my phone with me so He could be in contact with me if He wanted to be. He didn't want me to feel like He wasn't with me.

I was about twenty minutes down the road when the first message came through telling me He knew that I was thinking about Him and was wondering how I would please Him next time He wanted to spunk. I had to smile. I had been thinking about how He had not wished to fuck my ass that morning and that perhaps that would be what He required of me, though if He came in my cunt, I would be able to take spunk-sticky fingers to Him to entice Him again later. I replied that the thought of His pleasure was foremost in my mind.

Next He asked if I would take as many cocks as He decided to give me and I replied that if they were for Him, there would never be enough. He texed back that even though His cock was soft and His balls empty, He was filled with me. I was all He could think about. He was all I could think about too. The phone was silent for the rest of the walk. He could have called me, but this was somehow more exciting. Waiting for the phone to beep, wondering what the next words would be, thinking of a reply that would both entice and let Him know that I was consumed with Him.

When I got back He asked me to kneel beside Him while He finished up dealing with some last minute problems and I was happy to do so. After He was done, He asked me to sit on His lap and He played with my hair and started to talk about what would happen the next day and I didn't want to talk about it. I tried to stop Him but He wouldn't let me. He made me listen and I started to cry before we had even gotten very far. I knew that it had to end. I knew that He was going away again but I had not allowed myself to think about it at all. I just couldn't. I knew I was acting like a little girl with her eyes shut tight so the bogey man couldn't see her, but I just couldn't think about Monday. I would deal with it when the time came. Until then all I wanted was to be His.

"Sarah," He said, "I want you to know that although I am going away tomorrow, we have never been more entwined and that isn't going to change. Some things will change and we will adapt but that won't."
I shook my head at Him. "You can't promise me that." I couldn't see how that could be possible. I can't see how it can be possible.
"All I can promise is that I absolutely and totally love you, completely and unconditionally. And I can promise you that as long as you wish to belong to me, you shall be mine. I don't know what else to tell you."
"Just promise me that no matter what, You will always know that this, this week, this is how we are meant to be. Promise me You will always remember that?"
"I promise that to me, this is not just how we are meant to be, this is how we are. You will always be as you are today, completely enthralled and enchanted with the idea of pleasuring your male so much that he can think of nothing but you. This is exactly who my Sarah is, and always has been since the day she offered me her breasts, and even before that. You will always be this girl."
"I love You. I want to belong to You." I sobbed.
"Then you belong to me. Hush now baby." And He talked to me quietly while He soothed the tears away.

There is still more I need to write down but this is enough for now.

I need to stop here for today.

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