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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A fantasy, inspired by Mac, written by Mac and Sarah. Our first ever collaborative piece.

She stood outside the window, her breasts pressed tightly to the glass. She didn't notice the cold, her breath misting the air, the window steaming for a moment before the cold ate the fog away. She ached. Oh god how she ached and it had very little to do with the cold. Her pain was much more primal than that and it was caused by what she could see taking place on the other side of the glass.

A girl knelt, naked and proud, her hands had been bound tightly together at the small of her back. She was in the middle of an almost complete circle of men. They had been sure to leave the window area free so that the view was unimpeded. A man, tall and broad shouldered stood beside her, his hand curled tightly in her hair and the girl at the window knew just by the manner in which he looked at her that he was the girl's One. She was his possession, his toy. Another stood behind them with a fine whip in his hands, running his fingers to untangle the cords. When the Master gave the word, the whip was brought across the girls shoulders. The girl appeared to gasp.

The men around the girl were watching her. Some of them leered openly while others looked only mildly interested, but all of them had their cocks out, stroking them arrogantly, knowing that each would be called into use very soon. The girl's Master pointed to one of the men whose cock already looked ready to burst and the girl's head was jerked back by her hair. Her mouth opened and the girl at the window felt her breath catch in her own throat as the kneeling girl's mouth was thrust roughly onto the cock in front of her. There was no finesse, no foreplay or gentleness used. Her mouth was forced onto the cock by her Master's use of her hair and the girl standing at the window almost choked in sympathy. Her mouth was forced onto the cock again and again until it was obvious that the man was coming deep inside her throat. Then another was called and the process repeated again without any respite.

Man after man was called forward to use the girl's mouth. Sometimes her head would be pulled away at the moment of orgasm so a man could jerk his semen over her face. Each time this happened the girl's Master would scoop the semen from her face and wipe it onto the next cock before forcing her mouth onto it again.

The girl coughed often as she tried to force her mouth to accept a new cock, bigger, wider, making her gag and choke. No pity was taken on her, no rest allowed. She was just shoved onto it again. Her back was raised with welts and bloodied streaks as the whip continued to flay her. She seemed to wince with every cut along her back. The girl at the window almost thought she could hear her whimper and in sympathy again whimpers escaped her own throat. The hand tightened in her hair.

When one man came so deep inside the girl's throat that she bent over double trying to catch her breath, ejaculate spilled from her mouth to the floor. Her Master's grip tightened in her hair and slowly he forced her head down. In response to an obvious command from him, her tongue snaked from her mouth to lick the semen from where it had pooled. While the girl was licking up the mess that she had made another man lost control, shuddered, and spilled onto the floor. Her Master dragged her much faster than her knees could keep up and by the time they reached the semen the girl was lying flat on the floor, her breasts grazed by the cold stone, her tongue out, licking obediantly. Her Master did not allow her to lift her head until the floor was clean.

Then the girl was moved, placed on her back on a table that had been brought to the middle of the room. She had been positioned so that her bottom was at one edge while her head hung off the other and it was obvious that both her mouth and cunt could be used. And again the whip, this time across her breasts and the window girl tried to look away as it fell, almost (but only almost) unable to watch any more.

Another stream of men were brought forward to be serviced two by two until whenever one withdrew from her cunt, the orgasm of him and of those that had already come would drip from the table to the floor. More semen ran from her mouth and matted in her hair. Her tits were bloodied and raw, from the whip and the stone floor. One of the men ran his fingers through the semen on the floor and while he fucked her he rubbed it into her tits. She writhed beneath his rough fingers. The other men watching seemed to laugh. The girl at the window started to sob.

The table was removed and the girl was on her knees again, but this time she was bent forward, her cheek also pressed against the floor. Her hands were still tied behind her back, forcing her rear up into the air and it was obvious from her position that it was her ass on offer this time. And there were more men, lined up, erect, waiting their turn. The window girl watched her and suddenly the girl on the floor noticed her, her tear stained face glistening with semen, her eyes filled with tears. Her Master stood behind her and wiped his hand through her cum-drenched vagina, and slathered the semen between her butt cheeks. He put his hand down for his girl to lick and she dutifully sucked and lapped until he took his fingers away again.

And as the girl at the window watched, a man knelt between the other girl's legs and their eye's met again as the man forced his way into her ass.

The two girls held their gaze. One was aware that she was safely outside looking in. The other one was tied, trapped, the mere plaything of her Master and countless males, bloody, bruised, awash with the semen of strangers, ass, throat, and vagina raw from use, reduced to the status of a worthless fucktoy

The eyes of both were wet with tears. One longed to be where the other was. The other looked back at her, and the look in her glistening eyes showed no sympathy, no sisterly understanding of the other's situation. The eyes instead glittered wetly in triumph. They said as eloquently as eyes can....'See bitch? See how I please my male? See how they all want me?'

The window girl sank to her knees, moaned, almost keened with the pain of desire, and there was nothing, just nothing, that she would not have given to have been the girl in the room

Posted by Sarah McBroden at 1:27 pm

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